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Apr 2, 2024

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


Justin Smulison interviews Nikki Jackson, MBA, CPCU, ARM, CDMS, Vice President of Strategy & Marketing at MTI America. Nikki speaks about her invitation into the industry and shares the highlights of her career. She discusses her enthusiasm for workers’ compensation and what she has learned in the field. She speaks of her thoughts on AI and then explains what she will cover in her two sessions at RISKWORLD 2024 on May 7th. Nikki tells about how supportive her family has been in her career as she travels.


Key Takeaways:

[:01] About RIMS and RIMScast.

[:14] Public registration for RISKWORLD 2024 is now open. Explore infinite opportunities with RIMS from May 5th through May 8th, 2024, in San Diego, California. Register at

[:31] About today’s EPISODE of RIMScast. My guest today is Nikki Jackson and we will talk all about workers’ compensation and risk management.

[:53] As you know, RISKWORLD 2024 is coming up from May 5th through May 8th, 2024, in sunny San Diego, California. Registration is open at and at the link in this episode’s show notes. Register today!

[1:13] In Episode 276 of RIMScast we had opening keynote Peter Diamandis join us. Check out that episode for just a taste of what’s in store for RISKWORLD 2024. The full roster of keynotes has been announced! I’m so excited! We will be welcoming Academy Award-winning actress, director, and activist, Marlee Matlin!

[1:37] For our industry keynote, we will be rejoined by Evan G. Greenberg, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Chubb Limited and Chubb Group. That session will be sponsored by Chubb. Just announced, our closing keynote on May 8th will be Daymond G. John. You know him from Shark Tank. He’s also the Founder of FUBU. I’m a big fan!

[2:01] I’m extremely excited about that closing keynote on May 8th! Experience all the energies of our keynotes at RISKWORLD! Register at We want to see you there!

[2:15] My guest today is the Vice President of Strategy for MTI America and I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody as enthusiastic about workers’ compensation as she is. She is Nikki Jackson, MBA, CPCU, ARM, CDMS. Nikki will be leading two discussions at RISKWORLD on May 7th.

[2:41] At 10:45 a.m., Nikki will be leading The Workers’ Compensation Talent Shortage, the industry’s largest exploratory study focused on workers’ compensation, and at 2:45 p.m., Nikki will co-host Uncovering the Impact of Socioeconomic Diversity in Workers’ Compensation Cases.

[2:58] Nikki Jackson is a dynamic force in the field of workers’ compensation! Let’s get her perspective on the state of workers’ compensation today. Nikki Jackson, welcome to RIMScast!

[3:35] Justin especially loves doing RIMScast episodes when he knows the guests. Justin and Nikki met at a RISKWORLD session that he hosted a couple of years ago and they have stayed in touch. Nikki is passionate about workers’ compensation.

[5:17] Nikki was fortunate enough to be invited into this industry by Jami LeTourneau of Liberty Mutual. Jami was a team manager in Philadelphia. She looked at Nikki’s resume and saw she was a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and had been a paralegal. Jami said that worker’s compensation would be perfect for Nikki. She hired her on the spot.

[6:24] Nikki went to Boston to go through Claims College. When she got back, she started adjusting workers’ compensation claims and asked a lot of questions over the cubicle walls. She decided to learn all she could about policies, pricing, claims adjustment, and TPAs.

[7:26] Jami was working toward her CPCU and she suggested to Nikki to take the ARM class and then the CPCU class, so she did. She wanted to get into leadership so she went to work for a TPA in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. She got to work with Southwest Airlines and she calls Southwest an incredible employer that cares about its people.

[8:04] Nikki shouts out to Patty Cowell, Dave Banta, and countless others in Southwest’s phenomenal risk management program. Nikki got into a leadership role. It was “nuts” but such a great environment to learn in. She had a team of adjusters handling multiple states in the Northeast.

[8:41] They worked with amazing clients like Best Buy, Cargill, Eaton, Louis Vuitton, and many more. She got to see how they worked their workers’ compensation programs and to sit at the table with them. It started to feel like a partnership with some of her clients.

[9:25] At that TPA, they offered more than workers’ compensation. Nikki started to look at integrated programs, then liability, and then saw opportunities in disability and leave of absence, so she got a few other designations to learn those lines of business.

[9:46] That’s how she wound up on the Delta Airlines program and got national exposure to workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is her “baby.” She still has liability exposure, and her husband is an adjuster on the liability side. Dinner conversations are often damage points with a truck vs. a car, and the percentage at fault.

[10:25] Working with risk professionals has helped Nikki see gaps in the industry. She saw what both good programs and not-so-good programs look like. She had a good grip on claims at a granular level but also from the 10,000-foot above view by working on technology projects and innovations to make the experience better for all stakeholders.

[11:06] Now Nikki is on the ancillary side and more than ever, she understands how a vendor’s technology, people, and network impact claims.

[11:37] Workers’ compensation is a great place to be. There’s no shortage of work. Nikki suspects that there were about 1.1 million workers’ compensation claims filed in 2023 for about 125 million workers. She predicts 3 in 100 workers will file workers’ compensation claims this year. There are about 324,000 adjusters. 

[12:45] Financially, workers’ compensation is the shining star of casualty, for now. The coverage is affordable for companies and it looks like it will stay that way, at least for this year, and things are looking good for businesses.

[13:02] There are a few things to keep an eye on. Mental injury is a huge focus right now. There is an increase in the more serious injuries, referred to as catastrophic losses. There is a growing focus on workplace safety initiatives and injury prevention programs. Medical costs and inflation affect serious injuries.

[14:18] A new law in California requires employers to have a workplace safety and accident prevention plan in place by this summer. Nikki believes we will see similar laws in other states.

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[15:29] More information about these workshops and others is on the RIMS Virtual Workshops page and a link to the full calendar is in this episode’s show notes.

[15:37] On April 11th, Clara Analytics returns to present AI’s Impact on Emerging Risk Management Trends. On April 18th, Hub International returns for the second installment of its Ready For Tomorrow Series, Challenging the Status Quo: Rethinking Your Casualty Risk Strategy.

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[16:29] We’ve got some critical reading to plug real quick. RIMS recently published its new Executive Report, “Leveraging Insurance and Risk Management to Address Political Risk.” The report defines political risk while outlining key considerations that professionals should explore to effectively and proactively address political volatility.

[16:48] The report is exclusively available to RIMS members for the first 60 days. Visit the link in this episode’s show notes and also the Risk Knowledge page of to download.

[17:08] Nikki is a geek about AI. She says we all use it every day, all the time. We just may not realize it. Technology is playing a huge role in workers’ compensation. A recent survey showed that 77% of respondents in the risk and insurance industry say that they’re jumping on the AI bandwagon in some form or another.

[18:45] It’s used in sales, underwriting, ops, and claims processing. Nikki talks a lot about the use cases on social media, for fraud detection, to assign new claims, or predictive analytics to flag claims that could go in the wrong direction. It’s used in the risk control and pricing space. You’ve got to get on board.

[19:33] There is still a talent shortage in workers’ compensation. AI just augments the role of claims professionals. It’s an aging industry and with a lot of experienced claims adjustors retiring, that institutional knowledge will be hard to replace. AI can’t do it at that level.

[20:04] For professionals new to workers’ compensation, who lean into AI, it will be a great place to be. They’ll need to learn how to use the tools properly or build them into the claims system in the right way. Their inboxes are flooded with massive amounts of data in medical and legal documents that take a long time to read and pull data from.

[20:43] A resource to help you get the data that much faster, more efficiently, and possibly with less human error, is a tremendous advantage.

[21:10] We’re coming up on RISKWORLD 2024 in San Diego, California, from May 5th through May 8th. Nikki is leading a session called “The Workers’ Compensation Talent Shortage,” the industry's largest exploratory study focused on workers’ compensation.

[21:41] Nikki is excited about RISKWORLD 2024. Carey Armistead from SOMPO North America will join her. They will dive into the study. There were two groups surveyed: 432 college students about what is important in attracting them, and 140 claims professionals, speaking about retention of talent. Nikki thanks all who participated.

[23:36] Nikki has two sessions on May 7th. The morning session at 10:45 a.m. is about the workers' compensation talent shortage. The afternoon session, joined by Dawn Watkins at 2:45 p.m. is a career development session discussing the attributes, traits, and unique characteristics within diverse groups. It will also cover goals for claims.

[24:18] Nikki and Dawn will link DE&I to results in increased innovation, improved decision-making, and better outcomes. It should be a good session.

[25:37] Nikki had her fourth child since the last time Justin saw her. She posted on LinkedIn about maternity and parental leave and the accommodations that were made for her. She was uncomfortable posting, but many people have seen her through each child and each work change and supported her.

[29:24] Nikki’s husband and family support her travel and absences. Shoutout to George!

[29:55] Nikki Jackson has two sessions at RISKWORLD 2024 on May 7th, one at 10:45 a.m. and one at 2:45 p.m. Anybody who’s going to be there, check out her sessions! She’s one of the most enthusiastic people Justin has ever seen at RISKWORLD.

[30:26] Nikki will be available for questions after her sessions. She’s very active in her sessions and loves the interaction and the energy.

[30:43] Nikki, thank you so much for joining us on RIMScast!

[30:52] Special thanks again to Nikki Jackson for joining us! She will be hosting two sessions at RISKWORLD 2024 on May 7th.

[31:01] The first session is at 10:45 a.m. in Room 29CD, for The Workers' Compensation Talent Shortage, Gaining Insight from Adjusters and College Students. At 2:45 p.m., for the second session, she will be in room 24BC, for Uncovering the Impact of Socioeconomic Diversity in Workers’ Compensation Cases.

[31:20] Hang around if you have questions for Nikki after her sessions. To learn more about her, visit

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About our guest:

Nikki Jackson, MBA, CPCU, ARM, CDMS
Vice President of Strategy & Marketing | MTI America

Elevate The Adjuster —

Nikki Jackson at RISKWORLD, May 7, 2024


10:45 a.m.

The Workers’ Compensation Talent Shortage: Gaining Insights from Adjusters and College Students

Career Development



2:45 p.m.

Uncovering the Impact of Socioeconomic Diversity in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion



Tweetables (Edited For Social Media Use):

I was fortunate enough to be invited into this industry by a woman named Jami LeTourneau, who was and still is with Liberty Mutual. She was a team manager in Philadelphia. — Nikki Jackson


Financially, workers’ compensation is the shining star of casualty, for now. The coverage is affordable for companies and it looks like it will stay that way, at least for this year. — Nikki Jackson


We all use AI every day, all the time. We just may not realize it. — Nikki Jackson


I tend not to sit still. I tend to be all over the place, walking and getting close to folks,  and I love the interaction and the energy. — Nikki Jackson