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Mar 2, 2021

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


Today’s guest uses the piano as a vehicle to provide audiences with inspiration, entertainment, and transformation that profoundly moves them. She was named as one of the best keynote speakers of 2019 by Northstar Meetings Group and she will be the RIMS Live 2021 Awards keynote speaker on April 26th, 2021!


Jade Simmons is a rockstar concert pianist, powerhouse speaker, inspiring author, and creator of transformational experiences that matter. She defies expectations by delivering riveting performances with passion and innovation at every turn.


You’re in for a real treat today with Jade! Justin and Jade talk risk management, her career journey, professional development, stage presence, Black History Month, performing virtually, the upcoming RIMS Live 2021 event, and key lessons from throughout her career. Jade even performs some off-the-cuff live music!


Don’t miss out on RIMScast’s most inspirational episode yet with Jade Simmons!


Key Takeaways:

[:01] About RIMS’s Global Membership.

[:26] About today’s episode.

[:39] Current RIMS features, offerings, news, and events.

[:55] More about today’s episode with Jade Simmons.

[1:19] Justin welcomes Jade Simmons to RIMScast!

[2:12] Jade introduces herself and explains why and when she began to pair the piano with motivational speaking.

[5:38] How is Jade able to play notes on the piano without looking at the keys?

[7:07] Jade shares some of the standout pieces of feedback she has received following a live appearance.

[8:56] Other elements Jade has considered adding to her performances.

[9:41] The other instruments that Jade can play.

[11:02] Gimmicks and surprises that Jade implements during her performances.

[12:22] Parallels that Jade has found between risk management and music.

[14:03] Once Jade committed to taking risks with her performances, were there any setbacks along the way? How did she overcome them?

[15:24] Jade shares an incredible preview of what her presentation will be like at the upcoming RIMS Live 2021 event.

[12:42] Upcoming RIMS webinars.

[21:34] What Jade’s experience has been like in the past year performing virtually.

[24:33] The power in “giving the audience the time of their life!”

[25:29] Jade’s inspirational origin story of her career (and a lesson in “quality over quantity.”)

[28:57] Why does Jade (and many other musical artists) memorize their pieces?

[29:58] Jade’s relation to Jade, the R&B group, as well as her other musical inspirations.

[32:16] Jade is the first Presidential Candidate to join RIMScast! What was it like for her to run for President in 2020?

[36:20] Jade shares about her interesting relationship with Black History month and how this year’s Black History Month has impacted her differently than previous years’.

[38:52] Jade Simmons plays RIMScast out with a beautiful piece.

[40:24] Justin thanks Jade Simmons for joining RIMScast once again and shares some of the links to check out in this episode’s show notes!


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