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Jun 28, 2022

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


The RIMS mission is to educate, engage, and advocate for the global risk community. In alignment with said mission, the annual Florida RIMS Educational Conference is coming back once again! With an incredible agenda and many familiar faces in attendance, this 2022 conference, held July 26th‒30th in Naples, Florida, is jampacked with fantastic sessions, fun after-hours events, and great accommodations.


Joining Justin today to share more about the upcoming conference, is long-time conference chair and Audio/Visual Coordinator, Jason Lynch! Jason shares about the focused events that attendees can look forward to, the special guest speakers that will be in attendance, and more!


In the second half of the podcast, Justin is joined by Dan Healy, a partner at the Anderson Kill law firm in the D.C. office. Dan is currently the co-chair of Anderson Kill’s Cyber Insurance Recovery Group, as well as a member of the firm’s Blockchain & Virtual Currency and Regulated Products groups. He has also co-authored many articles for RIMS Risk Management Magazine and is leading several sessions at the RIMS Florida Educational Conference!


In their conversation, Dan and Justin take a deep dive into Jackware; how it is different from ransomware, why it is an emerging risk that we all need to be aware of, where it emerged from, and how it works. Be sure to tune in to learn everything you need to know about this new, emerging cyber risk!


Key Takeaways:

[:01] About the RIMS Membership.

[:14] About RIMScast.

[:26] About today’s episode with special guests, Jason Lynch and Dan Healy.

[:40] RIMscast sends their deepest sympathies to the friends and family of Jack Hampton.

[1:09] Upcoming RIMS webinars and workshops.

[1:38] About the upcoming RIMS Canada Conference in Halifax.

[2:01] Justin welcomes Jason Lynch to RIMScast to share about the 2022 RIMS Florida Educational Conference.

[2:36] How long Jason has been attending the RIMS Florida Conference?

[3:12] Is the RIMS Florida Conference members-only or open to anybody?

[3:53] A key highlight for the upcoming event: Florida’s Insurance Commissioner, David Altmaier, will be keynoting on July 27th.

[4:43] Is Jason overseeing the education sessions on the agenda?

[5:37] The benefit of “focused” events, especially with the backdrop of COVID-19.

[6:39] RIMS new CEO, Gary LaBranche will be making one of his first public appearances at the RIMS Florida Conference.

[7:34] Exciting after-hours events that coincide with the RIMS Florida Conference!

[9:35] Where to register for the conference and learn more about it online.

[10:17] Justin thanks Jason for joining the podcast and shares the save-the-date for the 2023 RIMS Florida Educational Conference.

[10:35] RIMS plug time! All about upcoming RIMS events, conferences, virtual workshops, and more!

[13:12] About today’s conversation with Dan Healy.

[14:05] Justin welcomes Dan Healy to RIMScast!

[14:33] What you need to know about Jackware; understanding the basics.

[16:09] As a sub-set of ransomware, should we be paying more attention to it over other areas of cybersecurity?

[17:23] Why Jackware is an emerging risk that we all need to be aware of.

[18:18] Where the hackers are coming from and the origin of Jackware.

[20:08] Why might Jackware attacks implicate a wider range of insurance policies than ransomware attacks?

[23:35] More information about the risks of Jackware and how it works.

[24:50] About Dan’s live, in-person workshops on the 30th and the 31st at the 2022 RIMS Florida Conference.

[27:11] Justin thanks Dan for joining RIMScast and Dan shares some final parting words of advice for risk professionals.

[27:51] Justin thanks Dan Healy once again for joining the podcast and shares some of the links to check in today’s show notes.


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Risk Management Magazine Article, co-authored by today’s guest, Dan Healy of Anderson Kill: “Insurance Coverage For Jackware Attacks”


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RIMS Announces Gary LaBranche as New CEO

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“Once you go [to the RIMS Florida Educational Conference] once, you’re hooked for life. Anybody and everybody that I meet that comes for the first time … value that experience. … It’s something very special.” — Jason Lynch


“[Jackware is] almost a sub-category of ransomware. What Jackware focuses on is taking over a device or a piece of machinery … usually in the category of a smart device, smart car, or smart appliance … potentially hurting people or costing the owner a ton of money.” — Dan Healy


“The issue is that the prevalence of devices and equipment that can be attacked with Jackware is rising.” — Dan Healy


“We need to be ready because the past two years have seen ransomware — and now Jackware attacks — on the rise.” — Dan Healy


“Don’t forget to give notice and don’t take no for an answer.” Dan Healy