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Jul 2, 2019

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


This week, Justin will be covering the RIMS NeXt Gen Forum, 2019! It was recorded live, in Times Square during the forum in June. He got to speak with Cameron Alford, a New Jersey-based insurance specialist and a board member of the RIMS Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council; Kristy Coleman, Senior Risk Manager at Turner Broadcasting and Co-Host of the risk management “Jeopardy!”; and Steve Pottle, RIMS VP and Director of Risk Management Services at Thompson Rivers University.


Justin and his three guests speak about some highlights of the forum as well as some of the key takeaways for anyone who couldn’t attend! Tune in to get their thoughts on the RIMS NeXt Gen Forum, the sessions they hosted and attended, as well as their additional pieces of advice for listeners!


Key Takeaways:

[:11] About today’s show and featured guests.

[:17] About upcoming RIMS events, where to find event coverage, and discover more.

[1:11] More about today’s episode!

[2:02] Justin welcomes Cameron onto the podcast.

[2:06] How far Cameron is into the risk management phase of his career and what the experience has been like, so far, for him.

[3:27] What is Cameron’s current title? What are the responsibilities?

[5:12] How saying “yes” to experiences and opportunities has broadened Cameron’s exposure in and out of his organization.

[7:01] Cameron highlights some takeaways from the forum sessions that really spoke to him.

[9:00] Justin welcomes Kristy onto the podcast.

[9:33] Having just co-hosted the risk management business edition of “Jeopardy!” Justin asks if Kristy has ever hosted a game show prior to this.

[9:37] How does she feel this risk management business edition of “Jeopardy!” went?

[9:47] How did Kristy come up with the idea of hosting a “Jeopardy!” session at the forum?

[9:58] Did Kristy find that some topics during the session were better received than others?

[10:17] Were there any answers that surprised Kristy during the session?

[10:28] Were there ideas about business etiquette that a lot of attendees could take away and bring back to their companies?

[10:42] What would be the one thing Kristy would hope attendees took away from her “Jeopardy!” session at the forum?

[11:03] Can we expect another game show from Kristy in the future?

[11:20] Justin welcomes Steve onto the podcast.

[11:55] What does Steve feel is the correct approach for someone seeking a mentor in the field of risk management?

[12:32] How well did Steve fair during the risk management business edition of “Jeopardy!”?

[12:50] Steve highlights some of today’s key takeaways.

[13:26] Steve gives his reaction to Joe Mayo’s sentiment (paraphrased): “Information is going to be fuzzier. You’re going to have to make tougher decisions based on less accurate information.”

[14:25] Steve speaks about some of the biggest takeaways from his own session, “You Are Your Brand — How to Distinguish Yourself in Your Career.”

[14:54] Justin gives a special thanks to today’s featured guests.

[15:07] About the RIMS Membership, the RIMS-CRMP, Risk Management Monitor, RM Magazine, and how to get in touch with Justin Smulison.


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