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Sep 24, 2019

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


Today’s episode was produced and recorded live on-site at the Edmonton Convention Center in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for the RIMS Canada Conference! Justin got to interview some big influencers in the Canadian Risk Management community and ask some questions specifically around technology.


The first guest is Shawn Kanungo, a Disruption Strategist who has been with Deloitte for several years and was the conference’s MC. He opened the event by coming out in an ELA (an electronic autonomous vehicle) being piloted for municipalities in Canada. What’s so exciting about this interview is that they actually recorded from the same vehicle that had just made its circles on the exhibit hall floor! The next interview Justin conducted was with Jim Swanson. Jim is the recently retired Director of Insurance and Risk Management for the Province of Manitoba, as well as an active RIMS member. Together, Justin and Jim discuss his career, the ERM processes, and frameworks he put in place for the Province of Manitoba. Next up to talk with Justin is Ren Matterson, the immediate Past Chair for the RIMS Canada Council. They speak about the state of the profession in North America and how certain Canadian risk management practices have served as an international trendsetter. Last but certainly not least, Justin speaks about Branden Necula, the Channel Manager of CompuVision an Edmonton-based IT services company. Just as unique to conducting the interview in an ELA, this time Justin walks the exhibit floor while Branden remotely operated and spoke from a BEAM (which you have to tune in to learn more about!) They discuss how the risk management profession can prepare for technology and disruption.


Tune in for this not-to-miss episode!


Key Takeaways:

[:15] All about today’s episode!

[:32] How to register for the upcoming RIMS ERM Conference.

[:45] More about today’s episode.

[1:17] About today’s first guest, Shawn Kanungo.

[1:57] Justin welcomes Shawn to the podcast!

[2:10] Shawn describes what an ELA is.

[2:48] Shawn talks about his exciting career background.

[3:39] How much of a leadership role do risk managers play when Shawn is brought on to consult or collaborate with them in his role as Disruption Strategist?

[5:20] Shawn gives his advice to leaders of organizations in terms of technological risk.

[6:40] How well does Shawn feel that risk leaders (or organizational leaders) understand the technological life cycles?

[7:50] Does Shawn consider himself a disrupter?

[9:08] What Shawn feels are some of the biggest disruptors of the marketplace today.

[10:03] About the RIMScast’s next guest, Jim Swanson.

[10:38] Justin welcomes Jim to the podcast!

[10:43] How did it feel for Jim to win the 40th annual Donald M. Stuart Award?

[12:00] Jim talks about his career background and the contacts he’s made over the years.

[14:09] Jim speaks about the importance of volunteering and shares his experiences as a volunteer and an engaged member of RIMS (as well as the greater risk management community.)

[17:29] Jim speaks about his experiences with implementing ERM processes for the Province of Manitoba.

[20:30] Are they’re still using the ERM processes and frameworks he put in place from his time as Director or Insurance and Risk Management for the Province of Manitoba?

[21:26] What was it like for Jim to be with one organization for 30+ years?

[23:09] About the next guest, Ren Matterson!

[23:33] A hot topic for 2019: hard markets!

[24:33] As the former RCC Chair, how has her perception changed now that she’s the ex officio?

[26:29] Ren explains how the Canadian risk management profession had acted as a leader to the international community.

[27:36] Does Ren feel that really progressive ideas (such as the ELA) are something that she could showcase as an idea that has emerged from Canada?

[28:42] About the final guest on today’s show, Branden Necula.

[29:26] Branden explains what the BEAM is and how he and Justin are conducting their interview through it.

[29:47] Branden gives his reasons on why companies should embrace A.I. and high-end tech?

[31:09] Does Branden find that his Canadian clients embrace new technology more than his international clients?

[31:46] Does Branden feel that clients will always need a human voice in order to feel comfortable in using new technology?

[32:49] What are some of the companies or industries that Branden has seen that have benefited most from embracing technology?

[33:32] How does Branden think companies would benefit from using some like the VR platform that Justin used yesterday at the conference?

[34:20] Justin thanks Branden for joining him on the podcast!

[34:50] Justin shares a fun outtake from Shawn Kanungo’s interview.

[36:24] Justin signs off the podcast by sharing some links and letting you know how you can get a hold of him!


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