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Feb 11, 2020

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.

This week’s guest on RIMScast is Debra Jasper, founder and CEO of Mindset Digital, a firm that creates dopamine-generating, gamified compliance training (yes, that is a thing) for thousands of professionals in the highly-regulated insurance, banking and healthcare fields. She will be interacting with thousands of RIMS members in Denver when she delivers the opening keynote address at RIMS 2020 on May 4th! Debra founded Mindset Digital a decade ago to ensure organizations can compete in a fast-forward digital world—in a way that mitigates risk while driving innovation.

Today, Justin and Debra will be discussing technology, disruption, social media, and communication. She’s got a lot of great information on the top challenges that risk professionals and students will face in 2020, how to effectively convey your message to your audience, and the kind of language you should avoid when it comes to getting your message out there. Tune in to hear some of the key highlights from her teachings that apply to the risk management and insurance industries, the importance of communication, and more!


Key Takeaways:

[:01] About the RIMS Benchmark Survey and the RIMS Membership.

[:53] About today’s guest and topic!

[1:00] Justin reminds listeners that registration is open for RIMS 2020.

[1:35] More about today’s RIMScast’s guest, Debra Jasper.

[2:14] Justin welcomes Debra to RIMScast.

[2:26] Debra shares what she thinks will be the top challenges that risk professionals and students will face in 2020 and beyond.

[3:08] What does it actually mean to disrupt and innovate for risk professionals?

[4:01] Debra speaks about what her experiences with risk professionals have been like.

[5:18] Debra created one of the first graduate courses in the U.S. on the impact of social media on campaigns and public policy. She shares some of the key highlights from her teachings that apply to the risk management and insurance industries.

[7:20] Debra shares the origin story of her company, Mindset Digital.

[7:50] Debra shares how to convey your message as well as some of the jargon, words, and phrases you should avoid.

[11:55] The three curses that stand between you and your audience.

[13:25] Debra provides some examples of the best organizational uses of storytelling on social media she has seen.

[16:45] Debra gives a quick preview of her upcoming keynote at RIMS 2020.

[18:03] At RIMS 2020, there will be several speakers addressing “risk culture” and the importance of communication. How will Debra’s keynote compare or contrast and, ultimately, stand out?

[20:31] Justin gives his thanks to Debra for joining RIMScast and highlights some of the links to check out in today’s show notes!


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