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Jan 16, 2024

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


Justin interviews guest Typhaine Beaupérin, CEO of FERMA. Typhaine speaks of her career and how she came to lead the Federation of European Risk Management Associations. They discuss the fast-changing role of risk managers and how it is essential for connections between RIMS, FERMA, and other associations for risk managers to share knowledge, experiences, and practices to meet challenges and take advantage of opportunities. Typhaine tells of the FERMA Forum in Madrid in October and the 2024 International Risk Manager Survey conducted by FERMA in partnership with PwC, open through March. The survey results will be reported in September and discussed at the FERMA Forum in October.

Listen in to learn more about international partnerships to spread risk management knowledge and expertise.


Key Takeaways:

[:01] About RIMScast.

[:14] Public registration for RISKWORLD 2024 is now open. Explore infinite opportunities with RIMS from May 5th through May 8th, 2024, in San Diego, California. Register at

[:31] About today’s episode of RIMScast. We will be joined by FERMA CEO Typhaine Beaupérin.

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[1:22] The RIMS-CRMP-FED Exam Prep Virtual Workshop will be held on January 30th and February 1st. That’s a two-day course. Visit the certification page on for more information. A link is in this episode’s show notes.

[1:40] RIMS is looking forward to RISKWORLD 2024 in sunny San Diego, California, from May 5th through May 8th, 2024. Public registration is open. Register today at and the link in this episode’s show notes.

[1:57] FERMA is the Federation of European Risk Management Associations. We are delighted to be joined by FERMA CEO Typhaine Beaupérin to get her perspective on risk management at a macro- and a micro-level, We will also discuss the 2024 International Risk Manager Survey being conducted by FERMA in partnership with PWC.

[2:26] Typhaine will also be at RISKWORLD 2024. We’re happy to do a quick plug for the FERMA Forum, which will be held from October 20th through the 22nd in Madrid, Spain. Some of RIMS leadership will be there and I hope that I get assigned to cover that event!

[2:46] Typhaine Beaupérin, welcome to RIMScast! Typhaine is very happy to be on RIMScast! Typhaine joins us from Brussels, Belgium, where FERMA is based.

[3:42] Typhaine started as a lobbyist almost 20 years ago, working in EU public affairs. She moved to Eurochambres, a federation of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry, one of the main business organizations at the EU level focused on SMEs. She stayed for 10 years, leading advocacy for SMEs’ access to finance and markets.

[4:21] In December 2015, Typhaine joined FERMA as its CEO. The president of FERMA at that time wanted to develop advocacy activities, so they needed someone with Typhaine’s expertise. That’s how she jumped into the world of risk management. She is passionate about it.

[4:51] Before becoming the CEO of FERMA, Typhaine’s connection with risk management had been at the project level. At FERMA, she has a holistic, enterprise-wide risk management approach. She is concerned with ERM and Strategic Risk Management.

[5:40] Risk managers are asked more and more to provide input to help the decision-making process of companies with strategic risk management. Strategic Risk Management and Enterprise Risk Management are often lumped together as SERM.

[6:16] Typhaine says that the pandemic has been a game-changer. Almost overnight, the pandemic shifted the attention of business leaders to people. It doesn’t mean that we do not care about people, of course. For the work to continue, we had to trust our people with remote working.

[6:40] Typhaine says centralized top-down decision-making doesn’t create the agility or the ability to act quickly that our organization needs today in our complex environment. In terms of leadership, there is more diversity, which creates creativity. We also need a degree of autonomy for people to respond to the challenges and opportunities.

[7:58] Working remotely empowers the employees with flexibility. Trust is the fuel of authority.

[8:36] FERMA is a non-profit organization. It is a federation of associations. It brings together the 23 national risk management associations in Europe, representing around 5,000 risk managers.

[9:15] Running an association requires a specific set of competencies and skills because associations are unique organizations. It includes strategy support to the board’s executive committee and operations, and having a good dose of soft skills to lead a small remote team, interact with a large network, and travel.

[10:21] FERMA and RIMS share objectives, representing the risk management community in their respective regions, and promoting the values of the profession. Today, with important changes in risk management, the sharing of expertise, knowledge, and practices between FERMA and RIMS is key to supporting risk management.

[11:00] RIMS plug time! RIMS Virtual Workshops: Visit to see the full calendar. On January 23rd and 24th, our friend Gail Kyomura will return to host Fundamentals of Insurance. On March 6th and 7th, our friend Elise Farnham hosts Applying and Integrating ERM.

[11:25] Information about these workshops and others is on the RIMS Virtual Workshops page and a link to the full calendar is in this episode’s notes.

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[12:14] Visit to learn more about these webinars and to register! Links are in the show notes. Webinar registration is complimentary for RIMS members.

[12:28] A quick shoutout to our friends at the Spencer Educational Foundation, which funds the education of next-generation risk management and insurance talent. Spencer’s scholarship program is open but coming to a close on January 31st for undergraduate and graduate students and on March 1st for Ph.D. applicants.

[12:47] Also, Spencer’s course development grant cycle is entertaining submissions through February 15th. Students and risk management and insurance faculty with interest can visit for additional details.

[13:21] A lot of the companies in FERMA are international, so some are dual members of RIMS and FERMA. When Typhaine attended a RIMS conference she met with fellow European colleagues and peers. Some RIMS peers and colleagues attend FERMA events.

[14:14] For more than 20 years, FERMA has conducted the only survey on the risk management profession. Next year, as FERMA celebrates its 50th anniversary, they decided to make the survey international. It is precious data for risk managers to compare with their peers in key areas. They are pleased with RIMS’s teaming up.

[14:58] PARIMA in Asia, ALARYS in Latin America, and IRMSA and Club FrancoRisk representing Africa, are also participating in the FERMA survey. This is the first FERMA survey with international input. The 2024 International Risk Manager Survey conducted by FERMA in partnership with PwC is open until the end of March.

[15:30] The report of the survey will be published in September. The result will be discussed at the FERMA Forum in October in Madrid in a dedicated session.

[15:58] Typhaine will be at RISKWORLD 2024, May 5th through May 8th, in San Diego. She says she will be pleased to meet Justin in person. It will be a time of networking for her at the IFRIMA Board meeting and sharing good practices. Networking was missed during the pandemic. It’s how to build relationships between organizations.

[17:55] There is a link in this episode’s show notes to the 2024 International Risk Manager Survey or you can go to the FERMA website for the link. There is also a link to the survey on the RIMS website.

[18:39] Special thanks to Typhaine Beaupérin of FERMA, for joining us here on RIMScast. A link to the 2024 International Risk Manager Survey conducted by FERMA in partnership with PwC is in the show notes. The results will be revealed later in 2024. Check it out and participate. Your answers are strictly confidential and anonymous.

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About our guests

Typhaine Beaupérin, FERMA Chief Executive Officer

Tweetables (Edited For Social Media Use):

Prior to my role as CEO of FERMA, I had been in touch with risk management more at a project level, which many of us start with. Here, I have discovered what it means to have a holistic view and have what is an enterprise-wide risk management approach. — Typhaine Beaupérin


Almost overnight, the pandemic shifted the attention of business leaders to people. For the work to continue, we had to trust our people with remote working. — Typhaine Beaupérin


Trust is the fuel of authority. — Typhaine Beaupérin


Running an association requires a specific set of competencies and skills because associations are unique organizations. — Typhaine Beaupérin