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Oct 30, 2018

Welcome to the eighth episode of RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Writer at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society. Today’s guest is Rooney Gleason, President of Argo Group’s U.S. Grocery and Retail division and the founder of Argo Risk Tech.


In this episode, Justin and Rooney are going to discuss the supermarket and retail industries and all things risk management! Rooney explains his family’s background in the insurance industry, when he started his career in insurance, and what it was like starting to join his family’s business and making his way up the ladder. Rooney also describes the basis of how Argo Risk Tech came about, some of the mind-blowing claims he has seen over the course of his career, how Argo Risk Tech is protecting against all those upcoming holiday sales-related risks, and how they work towards keeping customers safe.


Key Takeaways:

[:16] About today’s guest and episode.

[:25] About RIMS’ new members-only podcast and how to access it.

[:45] About upcoming RIMS events.

[1:14] About last week’s guest, Nagumantry Roop Kumar’s panel at the upcoming RIMS Risk Forum.

[1:21] More about this week’s guest, Rooney Gleason, and today’s topics of discussion.

[1:55] Rooney‘s family background in the industry.

[2:48] What it was like for Rooney to start out in his family’s business.

[3:41] Were personal lines insurance the biggest claims and disruptions Rooney was seeing at the time of entering his family’s business? Does he still see them now?

[4:34] Approximately what year Rooney started his insurance career and caught the technology bug.

[5:48] How Rooney has harnessed the fact that as his career has progressed he’s watched technology progress.

[8:10] The basis of how Argo Risk Tech came about.

[11:32] A couple of the most mind-blowing claims that Rooney has seen over the course of his career.

[14:32] How is Argo Risk Tech protecting against all those upcoming holiday sales-related risks?

[16:26] Another way Argo Risk Tech is protecting against risks.

[18:44] The importance of expressing empathy in risk management and Argo Risk Tech’s work toward keeping customers safe.

[21:46] Email Justin at if you would like to suggest a topic to be covered on the podcast.


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