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Jul 13, 2021

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


There is a lot of activity coming from the risk management community in Canada. The RIMS Canada Council recently released a statement in support of the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s call for advancing risk management knowledge and practices.


Joining Justin today are Steve Pottle and Jacqueline Toering to discuss risk management development in Canada, its broader impact, and updates from the RIMS Canada Council. They also discuss the RIMS Canada Conference 2021 which will be held virtually on October 5th and 6th!


Steve Pottle is the RIMS VP and Director of Risk Management Services at Thompson Rivers University and Jacqueline Toering is a RIMS Canada Council Executive Member, Chair of the RCC Sub Committee and National Conference Committee, and the Director of Risk and Safety at the University of the Fraser Valley.


Don’t miss out on today’s fascinating discussion!


Key Takeaways:

[:01] About RIMS’s Global Membership.

[:12] About the RIMS buyer’s guide.

[:47] About today’s episode.

[1:03] Would you like to speak at the RIMS Canada Conference? Submit your session proposal by July 23rd!

[1:27] Upcoming RIMS Virtual Workshops and Webinars.

[3:02] More about today’s episode with Steve Pottle and Jacqueline Toering.

[3:50] Justin welcomes Steve and Jacqueline to RIMScast!

[4:00] About the RIMS Canada Council.

[5:27] How long has Jacqueline been a part of the RIMS Canada Council?

[5:52] What Jacqueline’s experience has been like in the pre-production of the 2021 RIMS Canada Conference.

[7:05] Where to learn more about the RIMS Canada Conference 2021.

[7:16] What is the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) and its National Commercial Insurance Task Force?

[10:11] Why having a shared vision with the IBC is critical for RIMS, RIMS Canada, and global members.

[11:32] Steve shares how the IBC has hired a risk manager to help support their partners.

[13:30] About upcoming RIMS Workshops, programs, and volunteer opportunities!

[15:16] About the early bird rates for the RIMS Canada Conference and where to register!

[15:50] Jacqueline shares what drives her forward in her mission of advancing the risk profession.

[16:40] Jacqueline speaks about how her risk career has been fulfilling.

[16:58] Will Jacqueline be presenting at RIMS Canada Conference 2021?

[17:11] Justin shares his gratitude for Steve.

[17:52] Steve shares what drives him forward in wanting to continue to work in risk.

[20:25] Jacqueline shares her point of view on how live conferences (both virtual or in-person) are a great place to make connections.

[20:51] What Steve learned from RIMS Live 2021.

[21:42] Jacqueline shares why she sees virtual conferences as being particularly valuable.

[21:57] What Jacqueline learned about herself due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

[22:24] What COVID-19 taught Steve.

[23:44] Justin thanks Steve Pottle and Jacqueline Toering for joining RIMScast once again and shares some of the links to look out for in this episode’s show notes.


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News Release: “RIMS Canada Council Backs Insurance Bureau of Canada's Call for Advancing Risk Management Knowledge and Practices”

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“The RCC recognizes that the Insurance Bureau of Canada is an important partner for [RIMS] to always liaise with.” — Steve Pottle


“I don’t think there’s another profession [like risk] where you are always challenged to do your best and do your best for others.” — Steve Pottle


“If there’s anything that COVID-19 has taught me, it’s the fact that it’s important to work through your problems with others — be it personal or professional.” — Steve Pottle


“If there’s anything that COVID-19 did [teach] me, it’s that I always need to be resilient in my thoughts and appreciate the fact that not everyone’s going to think the same way I think.” — Steve Pottle


“The RIMS Canada Conference [is] the second largest risk management conference in North America. It’s an amazing, in-person, live event. … And this year, we’re going virtual.” — Jacqueline Toering


“[RIMS is] about community, connection, and content. RIMS for me is the Canadian community. … Making those connections really is what brings me value out of RIMS.” — Jacqueline Toering


“[My RIMS career] has only [been] made more fulfilling by my membership and the camaraderie that I find in RIMS, the RCC, and the local chapters.” — Jacqueline Toering