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May 21, 2019

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


Today’s episode was produced and recorded live in Boston at the RIMS 2019 Annual Conference — and it’s going to be a fun one! It’s centered around one of the conference’s cool new features: the Start-Up Stadium and RIMS’ first-ever Insuretech Competition called, “Killer Appeal with an Added Byte.” This was a Shark Tank-style pitch contest where small business CEOs showcased their technology-enabled solutions and were judged by a panel of expert risk managers. It provided an opportunity for six up-and-coming Insurtech start-ups focused on risk-based solutions to pitch their companies to five expert risk managers.


In this episode, Justin Smulison shines a light on two key people involved in this competition: host, Audrey Rampinelli, the CEO and co-founder of OnRamp Risk LLC; and Alex Schwarzkopf, the CEO of Pillar Technologies and the winner of the RIMS Insurtech Competition! With Audrey, Justin discussed the competition, the Insurtech market and how it continues to impact the risk management industry. And in his conversation with Alex, they discuss his preparations leading up to the competition, his background in the industry, and where he sees his industry heading in the next 5-10 years.


Key Takeaways:

[:11] About today’s episode.

[:20] About the upcoming RIMS NeXtGen Forum.

[:30] More about today’s exciting episode.

[1:01] About today’s first guest, Audrey Rampinelli.

[1:33] Justin welcomes Audrey onto the podcast.

[2:07] Audrey gives some background about the event.

[2:53] Some of the trends Audrey saw within the groups she worked with.

[4:14] Audrey’s experience working with the companies as they were preparing to present.

[5:22] Audrey’s hopes for the Start-Up Stadium next year.

[8:26] Justin thanks Audrey for joining him!

[8:37] About Justin’s second guest, Alex Schwarzkopf.

[9:05] Justin welcomes Alex to the podcast.

[9:11] What preparation was like for Alex, leading up to the competition.

[10:18] Does Justin come from a risk management or insurance background?

[11:10] Where does Alex see his industry going in the next 5-10 years?

[12:51] The size and location of Alex’s business.

[13:20] Justin thanks Audrey and Alex for joining him.

[13:33] Where to learn more after listening to this week’s episode!


Mentioned in this Episode:

RIMS NeXtGen Forum: June 14th, 2019 in New York City (Use the discount code NEXTCAST10 to receive 10% off registration - Offer ends May 31st)

RIMS ERM Conference 2019: Nov. 4-5th in New Orleans (Accepting session submissions through June 3rd)

RIMS Legislative Summit: Oct. 16-17th in Washington, DC

Upcoming RIMS Events

“Pillar Technologies Wins RIMS’ First-Ever RIMS Insurtech Competition,” May 9th, 2019, RIMS Press Release

“Do You Speak Digital?” by Audrey Rampinelli (Risk Management Monitor)

“Investing in the Insurtech Toolbox,” by Russ Banham (Risk Management Magazine)

RM Magazine

Risk Management Monitor

RIMS Tech, the Insurtech Competition

Shark Tank (TV Show)

OnRamp Risk

Pillar Technologies


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