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Mar 17, 2020

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


Henk Ovink is a Special Envoy for International Water Affairs for the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Sherpa to the UN/WB High-Level Panel on Water. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on water and water risk — in fact, he is the world’s only water ambassador!


Water risk management is absolutely crucial to everyone’s success as it affects every sector in every business. So today, Justin and Henk are of course discussing water and water risk as it transcends all businesses and sectors! Henk speaks about why the Netherlands takes water so seriously, the current progress being made within companies when it comes to water conservation and incorporating water risk into their culture and strategic plans, some of the Dutch innovations inspired by water-related risk, and how he has opened up business leaders’ minds when it comes to water risk management. Henk also gives his advice regarding how risk managers should present ideas regarding water risk management to their boards and decision-makers and speaks about the upcoming worldwide event: World Water Day, held March 22nd, 2020.


Key Takeaways:

[:15] About today’s episode and special guest, Henk Ovink!

[:55] More about today’s guest, Henk Ovink.

[1:21] Justin welcomes Henk onto RIMScast!

[1:35] Henk speaks about his position as a Special Envoy for International Water Affairs and explains why the Netherlands takes water so seriously.

[3:51] Henk shares some of the Dutch innovations inspired by water-related risk.

[6:11] Does Hank believe that these innovations are adaptable and industry-agnostic?

[8:08] How does Hank believe that a risk professional should present these ideas to their boards and decision-makers? And is it better to present the short-term positive effects of water risk management or the long-term positive effects?

[10:47] Would Henk agree with the sentiment that water risk management is a harder sell on the business side than on the philosophical side?

[12:20] In Henk’s daily work he meets with many business leaders. How has he opened some of their minds or broadened their perspective with regard to water risk management?

[14:46] Henk highlights some companies and leaders that are making real progress when it comes to water conservation and incorporating water risk into their culture and strategic plans.

[17:18] Henk speaks about World Water Day 2020 and shares how he is involved in it. He also explains how being risk-conscious about water can help fight climate change.

[21:11] Henk gives some final words to the global risk management community.

[22:48] Justin thanks Henk for joining RIMScast and highlights some great links to check out in the show notes.


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