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Nov 28, 2023

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


Lawanda “Elle Michell” Hall joins me today to share her accumulated knowledge as a risk professional in the corporate space and as a passionate risk entrepreneur. Elle had known from her days in high school math that she wanted to be a risk management professional. She explains how she navigated that path through her chosen major, her student affiliation with RIMS, and by taking a position in claims to experience risk management from the client’s point of view. She shares some of her experiences in supply chain risk at Coca-Cola, and her plans for her company, Intelligent Intentions.


Having grown up in urban Atlanta, she is passionate about risk management in the community and for small businesses looking to participate in the supply chains of enterprise companies.

Listen in for a passionate plea for improved education and communication around risk management for all companies.


Key Takeaways:

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[2:42] Elle Michell Hall is the CEO of Intelligent Intentions. She is also very active with the Spencer Educational Foundation. She has a fascinating career that has dealt with enterprise risk management and supply chain, among others. Let’s hear about what she’s done and where she’s going! Elle Michell Hall, welcome to RIMScast!

[3:41] Elle is in the minority of people who joined the risk industry on purpose! She received a degree in risk management in insurance from Georgia State University. She had been inspired by a high school AP course called Decision Science; now it is called Quantitative Analytics. She was intrigued by the application of math in the world.

[5:27] Quantitative analytics is now used across many businesses to make projections and set themselves up for success.

[6:41] People were used to thinking of risk managers as the “parent” who would say “no,” so they were avoided at all costs until they absolutely had to ask.

[7:31] Elle has a lot of creative energy to create solutions and not have to say “no.” She works with people to figure out how to get to a “yes,” in a sensible way aligned with the business objective.

[7:56] Elle didn’t see risk management entry-level positions available after graduation. Entry-level positions tend to be in underwriting, claims, or the brokerage world but not in corporate risk management. She joined RIMS in college. At a RIMS luncheon, George Miller of AIG asked her what she wanted to do when she graduated.

[8:38] Elle wanted to be a risk manager but she didn’t know where to start. George told her we’re in this business because stuff happens and you need to figure out what that looks like when it happens, so I recommend that you start in claims. That will make you a more thoughtful risk manager on the front end as you’re making coverage decisions.

[9:00] George Miller gave her a phone number and told her that the AIG claims office was moving to Alpharetta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Elle said, great, and that’s where she started. She learned to make decisions. GSU had given her minimum information about claims so she studied and achieved her AIC. AIG was her career boot camp.

[9:39] In claims, you’re dumped into the deep end, dealing with problems. People are upset. Her territory was New York and she had New York attorneys calling her names all day, every day. She learned not to take things personally. She learned to manage a matter to completion. It was a beautiful beginning to her career in risk management.

[10:27] Elle grew up in Atlanta in the shadow of Coca-Cola. When she started at Coca-Cola, Elle was a little starstruck and nostalgic. Her previous position had been at Earthlink, where there were two risk managers who did everything. At Coca-Cola, there was a team of 12 to 15 people and the work was divided between them.

[12:24] Coca-Cola is crucial to the economy of Atlanta. A lot of native Atlantans work for Coke. Working there feels safe like you’re a part of Atlanta. You have an impact on your city and you’re able to do good work.

[13:14] Elle finds supply chain risk fascinating. She learns a lot about how culture impacts perception. People have different perspectives on the same risk, based on their cultural references. Elle learned how different types of products cross the borders of different countries. Border Patrols must respect Coke’s quality standards and seals.

[15:06] Some ingredients, such as Stevia, may appear to be something else. There have been colorful conversations around legalities and culture, the way things move, and the time in which they move, making sure that as things change hands, the insurance is in place and things are moving. There are difficult conversations.

[15:34] Elle recalls fun times. She was the risk point of contact when the FIFA trophy was touring in 2014. She toured the plane that took it to all the different cities. She got reports from each stop, making sure the trophy was safe. It was like a tour around the world, over 100 stops, without leaving her office. The trophy traveled in luxury!

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[19:16] Elle sees a disconnect in understanding and communication around risk management and insurance. She’s had to say no a few times to external parties that wanted to do business but were not risk-responsible. Elle mentions some of the risks small suppliers don’t consider when they want to be part of a billion-dollar supply chain.

[21:07] Elle uses the example of bottle caps. If you supply the bottle caps, but you don’t show up with them, the entire operation is shut down. There is a lot that goes into the decision of who will supply the bottle caps. Every little piece matters in the big picture of keeping things moving. A tiny company can cause a multi-million-dollar shutdown.

[21:53] With joint and several liability, Coke is at risk for that loss. Small companies don’t understand their risk imprint and big companies don’t do a good job of explaining it. They just analyze it and say no, we can’t do it. In the world of supply chain, many challenges come from the lack of communication and education in risk management.

[23:44] In business incubators, small companies are told about CPAs, lawyers, and putting their finances in order. No one tells them about risk managers or understanding what their risks are. How do they make sure they are not a risk but a risk partner to the organization they want to help?

[24:16] That conversation is not happening and it needs to happen. Smaller companies need to be educated on the discipline of risk management. Elle is passionate about the risk profession. She is also passionate about community and she is a natural educator. [24:59] Manage your risk! Make sure that you’re not having an adverse impact on the companies you are doing business with or the people in your community!

[25:07] A big part of Elle leaving the corporate space and becoming an entrepreneur was driven by her wanting to serve her community. There aren’t people in the community teaching small businesses about risk management or even that they need to know these things.

[25:25] Elle thinks it’s important to give some plain language about what risk management is. Small companies get RFPs, contracts, and jargon without knowing what they mean. Elle grew up in a very urban area and she fully understands risk management. She can translate the concepts for small businesses to grasp quickly.

[26:24] Being able to apply her knowledge and do something with it is very meaningful to Elle. She always wants to know what she can do with this knowledge. She doesn’t want just “brain decoration.”

[27:18] Elle says the biggest thing is to make sure that the data your business depends on is solid and that you understand how to adjust it for real-time because it is built on historical data. Things are changing a whole lot faster than they have before. Use your data but watch for trends as they come on social media so you can prepare properly.

[28:53] Elle has always taken young people under her wing to mentor and help. She would sit with new members of the team, explain jargon to them, and help amplify their success and the success of the organization and the team.

[29:30] Elle got an opportunity with Georgia State University and Spencer Educational Foundation to create a Professional Development Academy for first-generation college risk management and insurance majors. The Academy will address opportunities and drill down to amplify all that is learned in the degree program.

[30:28] Elle is working with a professor at Georgia State University to create the Academy. It will open in January 2024. The announcement will come out soon on the Georgia State University Maurice Greenberg Risk Sciences web page.

[32:52] The Professional Development Academy will focus on the day-to-day experience of the profession with a menu of detailed career descriptions and access to people who have done it, to make informed choices. A link is on this episode’s show notes.

[33:45] Justin hopes to see Elle at RISKWORLD 2024 in San Diego in May!

[33:58] Special thanks to Elle Michell Hall. For more information about the program that we referenced in conjunction with the Spencer Educational Foundation, visit The link is also in this episode’s show notes.

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About our guest


Elle Michell Hall

Lawanda “Elle Michell” Hall’s professional career spans more than 20 years, serving in progressive Risk Management and insurance roles. Elle’s rich life & career experiences coupled with her love for serving people and adroit problem-solving skills are the perfect ingredients for a thoughtful and impactful life coach. She blends innate creativity, natural inquisitiveness, and analytical acumen to guide her clients through various life and career transitions. As the Founder and CEO of Intelligent Intentions LLC, Elle is an award-winning, nationally sought-after life & career coach, consultant, thought leader, trainer, and speaker. Her coaching style exists, at the intersection of business savvy and edgy urban intellectual. Elle has a way with words and an engaging presence that perfectly packages her messages which are laced with intelligence, intention, and integrity. A native and current resident of Atlanta, GA; Elle earned a B.B.A. (Major: Risk Management & Insurance) and studied for an MBA at Georgia State University. She also received a Life Coaching Certificate from the National Coaching Society. Elle is a passionate advocate for foster children and a faithful supporter of the arts.

Georgia State University Maurice R. Greenberg School of Risk Science 


Tweetables (Edited For Social Media Use):

Lots of folks are in the risk industry who kind of fell into it. I am in the minority of people who did it on purpose! — Lawanda “Elle Michell” Hall


I have a lot of creative energy to create solutions and not have to say “no.” Let’s work together and figure out how we can get to a “yes,” in a way that makes sense and is aligned with our business objectives. — Elle Michell Hall


The biggest thing is to make sure that the data your business depends on is solid and that you understand that you’re adjusting it for real-time because it is built on historical data. Things are changing a whole lot faster than they have before. — Elle Michell Hall