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Nov 13, 2018

Welcome to the tenth episode of RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Writer at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


This is a very special edition of RIMScast as it was recorded live, on-site, at the RIMS ERM Conference in Montreal, Quebec. Featuring insight from three of the conference’s speakers Angela Slobodian, the Acting Director of Health and Wellness for the Ottawa Police Service; Bonnie Frank, Vice President of PSP Investments; and Laura Cisi, the Vice President of Global Risk Management for the Clorox Company — this episode has some great key takeaways! Each of these guests is from an entirely different industry with differing goals, approaches, and frameworks.


Tune in to hear all about how Angela has added Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practices to their organization to help improve their health and wellness risk management, how ERM has been a useful part of crisis management in Bonnie’s world, and Laura’s thoughts on what risk managers can do to improve their chances at being a part of more high-level conversations.


Key Takeaways:

[:15] About today’s guest and episode.

[:38] An introduction to the first featured guest: Angela Slobodian.

[1:12] About Angela’s presentation at the conference and why she chose health and wellness risk to focus on.

[2:30] How adding ERM practices has helped improved health and wellness risk in Angela’s organization (and how it can help improve it in others’, as well.)

[3:34] What risks are being overlooked if health and wellness are not given the attention that is required?

[5:29] Factors that led to Angela to creating her program at the police department.

[6:26] Key ideas Angela took away from the keynote speech of the conference.

[7:35] An introduction to the second featured guest: Bonnie Frank.

[8:09] Bonnie explains how ERM can be a useful part of crisis management.

[9:14] Bonnie’s thoughts for ERM and crisis management folks collaborating.

[9:56] Bonnie’s ideas on how to protect your organization (in relation to the recent bomb scares.)

[12:35] An introduction to the third featured guest: Laura Cisi.

[13:20] Laura explains what the ‘table’ is and why risk managers should be mindful of it.

[14:00] Laura’s top tips for getting to be at the table.

[14:40] What Laura feels risk managers can do to improve their chances at being a part of those higher level conversations.

[16:29] How Laura got back in the ‘loop’ when she was out of it.

[18:07] Did Clorox Company’s recent marketing stem from the risk management department?

[19:55] Does the risk management department weigh into the marketing department’s efforts and ideas?

[21:21] Once someone has made it to the table, how do they stay there?

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