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Jul 7, 2020

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercrime is a threat that risk professionals need to keep on their risk registers. In this episode, Luke Wilson is joining RIMScast for the second time to discuss the current environment of cyber threats among the coronavirus pandemic. A lot has changed since he and Justin last spoke in October of 2019 so there is much to discuss!


As a refresher, Luke Wilson is the Vice President of Intelligence at 4iQ. With over 15 years of working within federal law enforcement, the Department of Defense, and the intelligence community, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Previous to his role at 4iQ, Luke served as the Vice President of Business at Elliptic and also worked in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Cyber Division and Counterterrorism Division for over nine years.


In their discussion today, Luke Wilson outlines some of the best practices for companies, employees, and remote workers to practice good cyber hygiene; shares some of the major takeaways he has learned over the course of the pandemic; and explains how COVID-19 could be and in some cases, is opening the door to cyber-attacks.


Key Takeaways:

[:00] About the RIMS Membership.

[:50] About today’s episode!

[:58] About RIMS newest available webinar and where to access RIMS on-demand webinars.

[1:30] About the RIMS Coronavirus Information Center.

[1:41] About today’s episode and guest, Luke Wilson.

[2:05] Justin welcomes Luke Wilson back to RIMScast!

[2:26] Luke explains how COVID-19 could eventually open the door to a cyber attack and how it has opened the door.

[4:44] How to not be the target of a cyber attack.

[5:29] Which industries and sectors have been the most vulnerable targets in the last six months?

[8:48] Luke shares what he has learned over the course of this pandemic as well as some of his major takeaways.

[10:08] Luke shares his thoughts regarding nation-state actors.

[11:48] With a long career in cybersecurity, would Luke say that these are unprecedented times?

[12:54] If there turns out to be a second wave of the coronavirus, what could companies, employees, and remote workers do to prepare and practice good cyber hygiene?

[15:38] With there being so much uncertainty in the world right now, if there’s a second wave of COVID-19, what does Luke think some businesses and remote employees could do to prepare for such an event as part of their ‘cyber hygiene’?

[19:54] Luke provides some parting thoughts for the global RIMScast audience.

[21:39] Justin thanks Luke Wilson for joining RIMScast and highlights some of the important links to check out in today’s show notes.


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