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Nov 9, 2020

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


Get ready for this award-winning episode! RIMScast welcomes Deepak Padaki of Infosys Ltd., who just accepted the ERM Global Award of Distinction at the RIMS ERM Conference 2020.


Deepak Padaki is the Chief Risk Officer and Chief Strategy Officer at Infosys. Two hats, one head! In his nearly 30-year risk career at Infosys, Deepak has also served in the roles of Senior Vice President of Strategy; Vice President of Strategy, Corporate Development, and M&A; Head M&A; and Associate Vice President of Client Services to name a few.


In this episode, Justin and Deepak discuss the company’s ERM program and how it has evolved over the years, his risk career at Infosys, the ERM Global Award of Distinction, how he leveraged strategic risk management techniques to help the Indian IT and business consulting firm launch a successful comeback, and so, so much more!


Key Takeaways:

[:01] About RIMS’ Global Membership.

[:27] About today’s episode.

[:45] Current RIMS features, offerings, and events.

[1:29] More about today’s episode with Deepak Padaki.

[1:56] Justin welcomes Deepak Padaki to the podcast.

[2:07] Justin congratulates Deepak and Infosys on winning the Global ERM Award.

[2:20] Deepak shares why he believes Infosys stood out this year among others for their ERM program.

[3:48] About the ERM framework Deepak presented, how SRM played a role, and the five-layered risk hierarchy.

[8:52] How many people at Infosys are stakeholders in the ERM program or are active in it?

[10:11] As the Chief Risk Officer and Chief Strategy Officer at Infosys, would Deepak say he is wearing both of those hats pretty firmly at the same time?

[11:28] How COVID-19 is impacting the ERM program at Infosys and how they are addressing these challenges and risks.

[16:56] When RIMS last spoke with Deepak for an ERM Q&A, he said that job protectionism is a key risk. How is job protectionism a more challenging risk in 2020? And has it become more prevalent?

[20:15] Where to access the ERM Q&A with Deepak Padaki.

[20:33] What originally drew Deepak to risk management?

[23:02] Having a nearly 30-year career at Infosys, what is it like for Deepak to be a “lifer” at a company?

[25:33] Deepak shares what he hopes winning the ERM Global Award of Distinction will encourage and foster in the coming years for Infosys.

[25:02] How many employees are in Deepak’s department?

[26:15] Deepak gives a shoutout for his team at Infosys!

[26:39] Justin thanks Deepak for joining the podcast and congratulates him once again for his win.

[27:10] Justin shares some of the links to check in this episode’s show notes.


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