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Dec 1, 2020

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.

Diversity and inclusion was a critical topic in 2020 and the RIMS Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council took some major steps in promoting its importance to members and the greater global risk management community!


Joining Justin today to discuss the achievements (and the progress the RIMS D&I Council intends to make going forward) are outgoing D&I Chair and RIMS 2018 President, Robert Cartwright, Jr. and incoming D&I Council Chair and President and Director of the New Zealand Pacific Island Chapter of RIMS, Teressa Betty.


In their conversation, they explore many facets of diversity and inclusion and look back and forward on diversity initiatives. Teressa and Robert sum up D&I in 2020, take a look at D&I in the last several years, give advice to companies thinking of forming D&I committees, share about the RIMS D&I Advisory Council’s 3-year strategy, and what the RIMS Risk Talent 2025 Report revealed about D&I.


Key Takeaways:

[:01] About RIMS’ Global Membership.

[:26] About today’s episode.

[:34] Current RIMS features, offerings, and events.

[1:29] More about today’s episode with Teressa Betty and Robert Cartwright, Jr.

[2:01] Justin welcomes Teressa and Robert back to RIMScast!

[2:20] Robert elaborates on how the D&I council was a staple for him during his 2018 RIMS Presidency.

[4:08] Is Teressa excited to be assuming the Chair position in 2021?

[4:55] Teressa and Robert sum up D&I in 2020 compared to D&I in the last few years; how it has changed and why.

[10:40] As companies are thinking to form D&I committees, what advice would Teressa give them to stay the course?

[15:09] RIMS D&I Advisory Council produced a three-year strategy earlier this year. The three areas are Driving Intention and Inclusive Thought Leadership, Focus on the Future, and Culture and Capabilities Within Our Communities. How can this make an impact in the risk profession and the insurance industry?

[20:30] Robert shares why he really wanted Teressa to be the Vice-Chair.

[21:10] Last year, RIMS, Willis Towers Watson, Chubb, and The Hartford produced the RIMS Risk Talent 2025 Report. The reports found that a huge majority supports cultural diversity and diverse perspectives now and in 2025. Why is this important and how can we move this information into action?

[27:13] Robert shares his quick takes on the state of diversity, inclusion, and equity for 2021.

[30:01] Teressa shares her closing thoughts on the state of diversity, inclusion, and equity for 2021.

[32:50] Justin thanks Teressa and Robert for joining RIMScast and shares the links to check out in today’s show notes.


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