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Oct 24, 2023

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.

While ERM can fit any organization, it is also different for every organization. How do you translate ERM from your previous organization to your new one? What areas of synergy might you have, and how do you navigate different governance structures and cultures? This session will provide insight from different perspectives and companies to demonstrate how you can implement a successful ERM program wherever you go.

In this episode, Justin interviews three guests: Sandra Fontenot, Manager of Risk Management at Omnicell, Alison Sweeney, Vice President and Fine Art Expert, and Michelle Stegmann, Vice President of Claims, both of Distinguished Fine Art & Collectibles. Justin and Sandra discuss her ERM career and her upcoming ERM Conference Session on Nov 3. Then Justin interviews Alison Sweeney and Michelle Stegmann about insuring fine art and their experiences in it.


Key Takeaways:

[:01] About RIMScast.

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[:41] About today’s episode where we will first talk about ERM and then get into a discussion about fine art and risk.

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[3:22] My first guest, Sandra Fontenot, is an ERM Manager for Omnicell in Texas. She was a recipient of the ERM Award of Distinctions Honorable Mention in 2021 for her work at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

[3:39] We will hear a bit about Sandra’s career and the session that she will co-present at the RIMS ERM Conference on November 3rd, titled “ERM: Same Process, Different Organization.” Sandra Fontenot, welcome to RIMScast!

[4:43] Sandra is the Manager of Risk Management at Omnicell, an autonomous pharmacy company. Omnicell works with hospitals and pharmacies, providing pharmacy staffing, software, and robotic dispensing machinery to make sure the right patient gets the right medication at the right time. Omnicell is global, based in Texas.

[6:18] Sandra describes her past work at DFW Airport. A month-and-a-half after she started there, DFW went on lockdown during COVID-19. It gave Sandra the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the airport while working in a hybrid situation. It also opened opportunities for construction and improvements to the facility.

[7:30] In 2021, DFW Airport was awarded the RIMS Global Award of Distinction for its Enterprise Risk Management program. Sandra describes how that came to pass. The infrastructure of an airport is like a city. It all has to run from the roads to the water to the bathroom tissues and the concessions. It has a police department.

[10:26] Sandra will be one of three presenters of a session at RIMS ERM Conference 2023, on November 3rd, called “ERM: Same Process, Different Organization.” One co-presenter, Trisha Sqrow, worked with Sandra at DWF Airport. Their presentation states that no matter what your enterprise is, the ERM process is typically the same.
[11:01] You have to make sure that you have a process in place to look at risks and opportunities and determine the likelihood and the potential financial impact of each risk or opportunity. The basis and principle are the same wherever you are. Risk professionals in ERM network and share ideas at ERM conferences.

[12:14] Sandra’s presentation will be on November 3rd at the RIMS ERM Conference 2023 in Denver, Colorado.

[12:31] When Sandra started at Omnicell, they had rolled out their first ERM survey the previous year. Now they are doing deeper dive conversations, adding onto that survey, and putting together a Risk Council. Sandra says she is a department of one-and-a-half, including the support and guidance of her great manager.

[13:38] Sandra is also looking forward to being an ERM Square. ERM Squares is the new conference finale! It will feature nine seasoned risk professionals answering questions that students will then agree or disagree with. At the end of ERM Squares, there will be a raffle for a complimentary registration to RISKWORLD 2024 for an audience member.

[15:57] RIMS plug time! RIMS wants you to submit your nomination for Risk Manager of the Year 2024. This prestigious award recognizes outstanding performance in the practice of risk management and will be presented at RISKWORLD 2024. Individuals must be RIMS members in good standing if they are selected to receive this award.

[16:22] You are also required to be a member to win any future award. Part 1 Nominations for the 2024 Risk Manager of the Year program are due by October 27th. Check the link in this episode’s show notes for more information and to view the guidelines for submission and judging criteria.

[16:42] Upcoming Virtual Workshops: Visit to see the full calendar. Our friend Chris Hansen was recently on RIMScast. He will be leading Managing Worker Compensation, Employer's Liability, and Employment Practices in the US on November 7th and 8th. Be sure to register for that course!

[17:16] Information about these sessions and others is on the RIMS Virtual Workshops page. Check it out and register!

[17:24] On October 26th, our friends from Zurich North America return to present PFAS Forever Chemicals – Regulations, Litigation, New Technologies. On October 31st, Resolver returns to present Building Your Business Case for GRC Software in 2024.

[17:49] Metrics That Matter has Enhanced Decision-Making Across Your Cybersecurity Program on November 7. CLARA Analytics makes its RIMS debut with Risk Management in the Era of Artificial Intelligence.

[18:08] On November 21st, Beazley returns to present Business Risk: Helping Your Executives to Navigate Today’s Volatile Risk Environment. On December 12th, Prepare Yourself for the New Generation of Risk with Riskonnect. On December 14th, Aon will be Addressing Today’s Risks While Preparing for Tomorrow.

[18:32] Visit to learn more about these webinars and to register! Links are in the show notes. Webinar registration is complimentary for RIMS members.

[18:46] National Fine Art Appreciation Day is celebrated annually on October 25th. My next guests, Michelle Stegmann and Alison Sweeney, from the Distinguished Fine Art and Collectibles Group at Distinguished Programs, paint some broad strokes for us about how fine art and risk management intersect. 

[19:09] Michelle Stegmann and Alison Sweeney, welcome to RIMScast!

[19:44] Michelle is a 30-year claims veteran and an attorney. She has been with large carriers including CNA, Clemen Forster, and Firemans Fund/Allianz, and in the programs space, working with MGAs and now with an MGA, Distinguished Programs, on their fine art and collectibles team. Michelle has a huge passion and love for the arts space.

[20:38] Before joining Distinguished Programs, Alison was a fine art underwriter for AXA XL. Before that, she was a broker in the fine art space for eight years. For nine years before that, Alison worked in art appraisals, doing risk assessments and evaluations and working on claims. Alison is passionate about art and has a master’s in art history.

[21:52] Alison explains that commercial fine art policy is a property policy on items of a fine art nature, and antiques, jewelry, silver, rugs, and more that you might collect that have value. Art is subjective. For an insurance policy, it is something unique or unusual that has a market value and is replaceable.

[22:47] The policy makes the client whole by restoration or replacement of the item with one of similar value or as close to restoration or replacement as is possible.

[23:23] Michelle describes types of fine art policies for galleries, owners, collectors, and museums.

[24:05] Michelle lists use cases to show the value of a fine art policy to an organization or a collector. Many objects that have important value to the people who belong to an institution can be covered.

[25:07] The large majority of claims are not dramatic theft claims but damage or loss of the piece during transit; water damage from a burst pipe; damage from humidity, fire, or smoke; vandalism, linked to climate change protests; outdoor sculptures being subjected to the elements; natural catastrophic disasters; or accidental breakage.

[27:22] A total loss is quite uncommon, except in a fire. Much more frequently there are partial losses where something needs to be repaired to be restored to its original condition.

[27:51] In a partial loss, you may get the call while the loss is in progress. The first step is to make sure the artwork is removed from the dangerous situation to prevent further damage. When the situation is stabilized, you get a conservator involved to look at the piece, assess what needs to be done to repair it, and come up with a treatment plan.

[28:49] If the artist is living, the claims adjuster will confer with the artist under the Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA) in America which gives artists the moral right to ensure that the essential meaning and intent of the piece is preserved even after sale, and make sure that the artist is on board with the treatment plan.

[29:14] Once everything aligns, the treatment plan is commenced and the piece is restored. Then there is an assessment done to determine if there’s any diminution in the value. Then there is a determination on whether any payments would appropriately issue. Finally, the claim is concluded and the restored piece is returned to the owner.

[29:56] Alison reveals that the greatest number of claims the industry has seen in recent years was the result of Superstorm Sandy. There was a huge inundation of water in Chelsea, where a lot of galleries and storage facilities were based. It impacted a huge number of commercial galleries. It took many years to sort through insurance claims.

[30:32] As a result of Superstorm Sandy, people have become more cautious about basement storage. A stillage warranty requires maintaining property a certain number of inches off the ground. There has been a huge embrace of water sensors that alert the owner to any sort of inundation from pipes or flooding, to get in and remove property.

[31:17] Michelle relates the story of the Picasso painting, Le Rêve, which was owned by casino magnate Steven Wynn in New York and sold to hedge fund manager Stephen Cohen in 2006 for a record $139 million. Before the transfer, when showing it to Nora Ephron and Barbara Walters, Wynn accidentally put his elbow through the painting.

[32:22] This resulted in a six-inch tear. The tear was repaired by an insurance carrier for $90 thousand. The painting sold again in 2013 to Stephen Cohen for a record $155 million. Damage to a piece of art doesn’t necessarily cause diminution in value.

[33:19] Alison addresses fine art insurance trends. Since COVID-19, art fairs, where multiple galleries exhibit, have been picking up again. Galleries have also made a big pivot to online sales, growing into new markets. That means an increase in transits and smaller sales. It leads to a change in the way to approach transit insurance.

[34:21] Michelle talks about dealing with reputable shippers and packers who know how to pack fine art. There has been an increase in people moving, and moving their personal items as well as their fine art. They must make sure the company they work with is very well-versed in how to move art.

[35:02] In 2019, Justin covered an event for RIMS, called The Business of Art. Alison was there. She remembers people coming up with creative and interesting questions. Events like that show what insurance industry professionals who don’t work in fine art are interested in. She hopes to attend more events like that soon.

[37:17] Michelle reflects on her career. From a claims perspective, this is exactly where she planned to be when she started. She was always interested in helping people solve their problems and fix something that had gone awry. That is also what attracted her to the law.

[37:49] In the fine arts space, people have an emotional connection to these pieces of beauty which means that there’s a human interaction that can’t be downplayed in the claims process, in facilitating that and making sure they get to where they need to be.

[38:00] Alison didn’t know when she started studying art history that there was a world in which you could be an advisor in an insurance capacity. She feels extremely fortunate to have this position to help people with the collections they are personally invested in. The items very often are family heirlooms.

[38:55] Alison has seen a huge trend in businesses toward maintaining a cloud-based management system for their collection. Having a photo document accessible with details on the location of the property, the values, and the dimensions is a gift. It’s great, from an insurance perspective to access that.

[39:28] Happy National Fine Art Day to you both! It’s been such a pleasure to have you hear on RIMScast. There is a link to an article from Distinguished on this episode’s notes. Hopefully, we see you at another fine art event in the city, and not put our elbows accidentally through anything and create a six-inch tear!

[40:00] Special thanks again to all of my guests. I have a link to an article from Distinguished about fine art and risk management. I’ve also got a link to RIMS coverage, including a piece I wrote, covering a fine art and risk management event in 2019. See the links in this episode's show notes.

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About our guests

Sandra Fontenot
Manager, Risk Management at Omnicell


Alison Sweeney

Vice President and Fine Art Expert, Distinguished Fine Art & Collectibles


Michelle Stegmann

Vice President of Claims, Distinguished Fine Art & Collectibles


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DFW Airport is a mini-city within itself. We did have our own police department, so we made sure that they were able to get back and forth to work and scheduled overnight housing at hotels for them. — Sandra Fontenot


In the fine arts space, people have an emotional connection to these pieces of beauty which means there’s a human interaction that can’t be downplayed in the claims process, in facilitating that and making sure they get to where they need to be. — Michelle Stegmann


I didn’t know when I started studying art history that there was a world in which you could be an advisor in an insurance capacity. I feel extremely fortunate to have this position to help people with the collections they are invested in; often heirlooms. — Alison Sweeney