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Dec 24, 2019

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


Today’s episode was recorded live, December 9th, in New York City at the inaugural RIMS Risktech Forum 2019! It was a terrific event with more than 170 registrants. Throughout the course of the event, a story was told through the sessions about the present and future states of the industry. And that is, that it’s undeniable that risk tech is vital to the future of the profession.


At the Risktech Forum, three incredible guests dropped by the RIMS booth to speak with Justin about all things risk tech, risk management, blockchain, and more! The first guest that joined Justin was Lori Seidenberg, the Global Director of Real Assets Insurance at BlackRock, Inc. She is also a longtime RIMS member, a former RIMS Board Member, and is the 2020–2021 Vice President of the RIMS NY Chapter. Next up is David Gritz, the Co-Founder of InsurTechNY. At the Risktech Forum, he led the session titled “Buying into Blockchain,” where he shared all of his key insights! And thirdly, Liz Walker joins the podcast to wrap up the with Justin. Liz is the Director of Enterprise Risk and Global Insurance at Groupon. She was also a panelist at Risktech and led a session called: “If I Can Do It, So Can You: Risk Managers Share Their Tech Adoption Strategies.”


Key Takeaways:

[:17] About the upcoming RIMS 2020 Conference!

[:36] About today’s episode!

[1:50] Justin introduces the podcast’s first guest: Lori Seidenberg!

[2:16] Lori speaks about her current role with BlackRock, Inc. as well as her colorful background and involvement with RIMS!

[2:54] Lori speaks about her time as a ‘Shark’ alongside other risk managers at the Startup Stadium at RIMS 2019.

[3:40] Lori elaborates on how the essence of this previous Shark Tank-style event is also here at Risktech 2019.

[4:11] Overall, how does Lori feel this inaugural event is going?

[4:55] Does Lori use risk tech in her day-to-day activities at BlackRock, Inc.?

[5:38] Based on Lori’s own experience, how does she feel risk tech will continue to influence or permeate the profession of risk management?

[6:17] Lori highlights some major takeaways from this year’s event.

[6:58] As someone who has been active with RIMS for a long time, how does Lori think RIMS has evolved over the years?

[8:00] Justin introduces the next guest, David Gritz of InsurTechNY!

[8:18] Does David see blockchain as still being ripe for disruption? And why?

[10:16] What brought David to the blockchain space in 2017?

[11:43] In David’s experience, when does blockchain become an operational problem?

[13:54] David gives his thoughts about the RIMS Risktech Forum 2019.

[14:44] About today’s third and final guest, Liz Walker!

[15:04] Liz speaks about her professional background in the risk space.

[15:44] Liz shares what she likes about the inaugural Risktech event and some of her key takeaways so far!

[16:37] Liz explains how she uses risk tech in her daily operations and tasks at Groupon.

[17:44] Liz shares how she believes risk tech will continue to influence or permeate the risk management profession.

[18:50] How many years has Liz been a RIMS member? And is it her first time presenting at a RIMS conference?

[19:30] Liz shares some key takeaways from today’s event.

[20:22] Justin thanks all three guests for joining the podcast!

[20:32] Justin highlights some links to check out in today’s show notes!


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