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Feb 22, 2022

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.
Rejoining RIMScast once again is RIMS External Affairs Committee Chair, Lynn Haley Pilarski, to share all about the upcoming RIMS Advocacy initiatives in 2022. She highlights some of the key developments from the recent RIMS External Affairs Committee meetings so far in 2022, what’s brewing down the line, progress and updates regarding PRIA, RIMS initiatives regarding cyber security, and her position on autonomous vehicles as the Senior Risk Manager of General Motors.


There is a lot on the agenda to discuss today — so tune in to get your update on RIMS Advocacy 2022 with Lynn Pilarski!


Key Takeaways:

[:01] About the RIMS App.

[:22] About RIMScast.

[:35] About today’s episode with Lynn Haley Pilarski.

[:47] Upcoming RIMS offerings.

[1:17] About the upcoming two-day virtual event: 2022 RIMS RiskTech Forum.

[1:47] More about today’s episode.

[2:12] Justin welcomes Lynn to RIMScast!

[2:22] Developments from the RIMS External Affairs Committee 2022 meetings.

[3:16] Lynn explains what PRIA is and why it has been her primary focus for the last several years.

[5:48] When does Lynn think we’ll hear news back about PRIA?

[6:54] 2022 RIMS initiatives regarding cyber security.

[11:18] Upcoming RIMS workshops and events.

[12:27] Megan Miller joins the podcast to share about the exciting events coming up for the Spencer Educational Foundation!

[12:47] Exciting news and events coming up in the first half of 2022 for the Spencer Educational Foundation.

[14:47] Justin thanks Megan for joining the podcast and shares where to learn more!

[15:06] Wearing her General Motors Senior Risk Manager hat, Lynn shares her position on autonomous vehicles.

[18:12] Putting on her RIMS hat, Lynn shares what is going to happen at RIMS regarding autonomous vehicles.

[19:00] About the upcoming, first-ever combined meeting with the RIMS External Affairs Committee and the RIMS RISK PAC.

[20:17] What Lynn can share about the possibility of a 2022 RIMS Legislative Summit.

[23:30] Lynn highlights the importance of attending a RIMS Legislative Summit.

[25:12] About Lynn’s upcoming session at RISKWORLDTM 2022 on April 12th.

[26:00] Justin thanks Lynn Haley Pilarski for joining RIMScast and shares some additional links to look out for in the show notes.


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“The RIMS External Affairs Committee has focused on federal legislation important to members, such as the National Flood Insurance Program. … The last couple of years, our focus has been on pandemic-related risk issues, including … our big focus, PRIA. ” — Lynn Haley Pilarski


“We all have become very dependent on technology, and the bad actors are out there, so we need some rules. How do we protect our personal data? How do we protect our systems that are critical? … From a corporate … and … a federal government standpoint.” — Lynn Haley Pilarski


“If we had one standard [for the cyber insurance market], it would help with baseline rules for compliance and … let our underwriters become more comfortable with the exposures, and stabilize the insurance market – because we need all the help we can get.” — Lynn Haley Pilarski


“There’s no experience like [the RIMS Legislative Summit]. You will walk away just feeling empowered … [thinking], ‘I have the ability to make a change.’” — Lynn Haley Pilarski