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Feb 20, 2024

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


Justin interviews guest RISKWORLD 2024 Keynote Peter Diamandis about many intriguing topics, starting with Peter’s book, Abundance, Peter’s career and professional history as it relates to risk management, the purpose and importance of storytelling, and positivity. Peter shares the key for risk professionals to become great organizational leaders: it’s to depend analytically on the data! Peter shares his excitement about his RISKWORLD 2024 Opening Keynote on May 6th, what he will present, and how he will engage the audience.

Listen in for wisdom on risk and abundance.


Key Takeaways:

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[:38] About today’s episode of RIMScast. Our topic is risk and innovation, with RISKWORLD 2024 Opening Keynote Peter Diamandis.

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[3:19] I’m so pleased to present an interview with our RISKWORLD 2024 Opening Keynote Speaker, Peter Diamandis. He’s a successful entrepreneur several times over, a thought leader, and a New York Times best-selling author of four books, including Abundance: The Future is Better than You Think. 

[3:39] Peter Diamandis was named by Fortune as one of the world's 50 great leaders. He is also the Founder and Executive Chairman of the XPrize Foundation, which leads the world in designing and operating large-scale incentive competitions. He is also the Executive Founder of Singularity University.

[3:55] Peter Diamandis has a lot of experience with risk and risk professionals. He’s going to be one of the standout opening keynote speakers in RISKWORLD history. We’ll hear about his risk philosophy, what it will take for risk professionals to become organizational leaders, and a preview of his May 6th RISKWORLD 2024 Keynote.

[4:19] Peter Diamandis, welcome to RIMScast! Peter has aerospace engineering, molecular genetics, and medical degrees from MIT and Harvard. He started numerous companies in the space world and the exponential technologies world. For the last decade, his focus has been on longevity, adding decades of health to a person’s life.

[5:33] Peter has written several books he’s proud of, focused on optimism and abundance. Abundance: The Future is Better than You Think, Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World, The Future is Faster Than You Think, a few books on longevity, and exponential organizations.

[5:59] Peter has a large venture fund, Bold Capital, which has six or seven hundred million dollars. He’s investing heavily in AI and longevity. A lot of his work is helping people to change their mindset, which is one of the most important and relevant things we can talk about in the realm of risk. Peter asks you to consider your mindset.

[6:31] Imagine the most extraordinary leader on the planet, whomever you consider that to be. Ask yourself what got them there. Was it the money they had, their friends, technology, or was it their mindset? Peter posits that their mindset is what enabled them to be such an extraordinary leader and success.

[6:58] The next question is what mindset do you have, where does it come from, and what mindset do you need for the decade ahead in this period of extraordinary accelerating exponential change?

[7:41] There are a multitude of risks on the horizon at all times. Pandemics have been and will continue to be a global risk. We have risks on that scale from asteroid impacts. We have risks that are mounting in the realm of AI. We have risks from manmade biological disruptions.

[8:26] People don’t take into account the accelerating countervailing forces. We live in a day when individuals can come up with new strategies and technologies to combat problems. Individuals can also cause problems.

[9:20] Peter defines entrepreneurs as individuals who find juicy problems and solve them and the more entrepreneurs empowered with more powerful technologies, the more problems get knocked down. Then we are left with only first-world problems.

[10:02] The fundamental problem is, humans have a hard time truly judging risk accurately. The amygdala scans all of our sensory data. If it sees something that’s potentially dangerous, it puts you on “red alert.” It raises your blood pressure, narrows your pupils, and gets you ready for your fight-or-flight reaction.

[10:58] We tend to be easily tipped into fight-or-flight even though the chances of real danger are orders of magnitude lower. Peter describes loss of life through the violence of warfare or crime, through time. People would think from the news that we are living in the most dangerous time in history but we are living in the most peaceful time in history.

[11:46] The Middle Ages were disastrous. We romanticize the past. Today, your chance of dying from a violent act is minuscule compared to what it used to be.

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[13:14] Quick shout-out to our friends at the Spencer Educational Foundation, which funds the education of next-generation risk management and insurance talent. Spencer’s scholarship program is open but coming to a close on March 1st for Ph.D. applicants.

[13:29] Students and risk management and insurance faculty with interest can visit for additional details.

[13:54] Leading risk managers who are data-driven decision-makers would make good organizational leaders. Peter believes that depending on the human “gut” is no longer viable. Gut feelings based on years of experience are irrelevant. What is important is what the data shows.

[14:47] Peter states that risk managers who can gather the data, analyze it, and make data-driven decisions are going to be great leaders.

[15:12] Storytelling is how we convey means and ideas. We evolved as humans to tell stories and receive stories around the campfire. As long as humans are involved in a decision process, which they will be less and less in the future, an emotional connection is going to sway an individual. Great stories connect you with individuals.

[15:56] If you tell a great story and connect with a person emotionally, you can sway them pro or con, yes or no, on the decision that you want. So storytelling is fundamental. All day long, Peter seeks investments. Investments are selected by an investment committee that believes in the entrepreneur and the company and what they’re doing.

[16:33] When you’re trying to raise money, it’s super important to tell a great story about “Why me? Why this? And why now?” The data will sway at least equally, if not more but today, as flesh and blood, hearts and minds, storytelling is still critically important, whether you are selling or being sold.

[17:23] Peter is the opening keynote speaker at RISKWORLD 2024 on Monday, May 6th in San Diego, California. Peter says the world of risk assessment, risk balancing, and risk-taking is more important than ever before. Peter’s job is to tell stories to the audience to help them understand the role they have to play.

[17:44] Doing anything big and bold in the world is risky. If we take the risk out of everything, then we’re stuck, stagnant, and moving backward. There needs to be a way that entrepreneurs, companies, and even governments, can take risks that have the upside potential to transform society for the better.

[18:14] Peter wants to infect people with the positivity of this increasing world of abundance. A key area Peter wants to hit is that the world is getting better; we need to take risks to transform insurance. Fire insurance should prevent fires. Health insurance should keep you healthy. Life insurance should keep you alive a lot longer.

[19:17] The most exciting thing about all these exponential technologies is the reinventing of business models. How do we reinvent business models not only to financially protect against the risk but also to use technology to remove the risk, if at all possible, and change the way we think about all these areas?

[20:06] Peter loves Q&A. The more questions, the better. He wants to make several points. First, he wants people to see the data that the world has been improving at an extraordinary rate in terms of increased access to food, water, healthcare, and education; with reduced child mortality rates, maternal mortality rates, and violence.

[20:41] When you look at the numbers, they’re awesome. The question becomes … why is the world getting better on all these different dimensions? … It’s not that we’re getting smarter or that we have better politicians; it’s the impact of technology. Peter wants to share that to begin. The next point is to talk about what’s going on in the meta trends.

[21:03] Meta trends are the forces that are heading our way and changing everything. The meta trend in energy is from whale oil 100 years ago to fusion energy in the near term; looking at reinventing transport with flying cars and autonomous cars; and humanoid robots coming.

[21:23] Looking at longevity and the ability to add 10 to 30 healthy years to your life, and how that will impact society. Where we are with AI today and where it’s going; what are the challenges? How do we think about these challenges? Everything we’ve ever known is about to change.

[22:01] Artificial intelligence, in its current use and capabilities and how fast it’s evolving, and where it’s going needs to be a conversation in your board room, at your dinner table, and with your children, everywhere!

[22:28] Peter’s parting words: “I think the world of risk is about to be transformed and it’s going to be transformed by exponential technologies, sensors, networks, AI, robotics, all of these areas; AR, VR, and blockchain, and I want to show you what’s possible today and where these technologies are taking us in the next two to five years. It’s awesome!”

[22:49] “It’s an amazing time to be alive and I think that business models, companies, and the future of the entire risk industry are going to be refined and transformed. So that’s our conversation; I’m looking forward to it!”

[23:07] Thank you so much, Peter Diamandis! Looking forward to seeing you!

[23:11] Special thanks to Peter Diamandis for joining us and giving us a preview of his RISKWORLD 2024 Keynote which will be on Monday, May 6th.

[23:19] There’s still time to get the early bird registration rate for RISKWORLD through February 29th. Visit and register there. Peter’s opening Keynote is one of the many memorable presentations we’ll be experiencing at RISKWORLD 2024.

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Imagine the most extraordinary leader on the planet. … Ask yourself what got them there. Was it the money they had, was it friends, was it technology, or was it their mindset? … What mindset do you have? — Peter Diamandis


I define entrepreneurs as individuals who find juicy problems and solve them and the more entrepreneurs empowered with more powerful technologies, the more problems get knocked down. — Peter Diamandis


I also want to infect people’s minds with the positivity that is out there to show them this increasing world of abundance, which is counter to what we think of all the time. — Peter Diamandis


The question becomes … why is the world getting better on all these different dimensions? … It’s not that we’re getting smarter or that we have better politicians; it’s the impact of technology. So I want to share that to begin. — Peter Diamandis


The world of risk is about to be transformed … by exponential technologies, sensors, networks, AI, robotics, AR, VR, and blockchain. I want to show you what’s possible today and where these technologies are taking us in the next two to five years. — Peter Diamandis