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Dec 4, 2018

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Writer at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


Today is a special episode! It is the first of two episodes that are coming to you live from the RIMS Risk Forum 2018 in India. Many outstanding conversations were had from leaders in the risk management community — and luckily, RIMScast has captured them all for you in this special edition of the podcast.


The leaders in this week’s episode include: Keerthana Mainkar, Associate Vice President and Head of Enterprise Risk Management at Infosys Limited; Paul Wilkins, the Managing Director, Risk Management Leader, and Chief Client Officer of Marsh Asia; and K.N. ‘Vaidy’ Vaidyanathan, the Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer of the Mahindra Group.


Justin and Keerthana discuss her background in the industry, as well as her current best practices philosophy at Infosys, and how she has fully embraced the COSO framework (and why it is so important). With Paul, they discuss his impression of the risk management industry in India, his predictions going forward, and his opinions on whether or not awareness around risk in India is adequate. And Justin’s final guest of the show, K.N. Vaidy, talks about Mahindra’s presence and impact in India, some of the top risks in Mahindra’s endeavor of globalizing their presence, and what makes risk management at Mahindra relevant and effective.


Key Takeaways:

[:11] About today’s show.

[:27] Where to access more coverage from the RIMS Risk Forum.

[1:09] Where to register for RIMS Annual Conference in 2019.

[1:29] More about today’s episode and introducing the first guest, Keerthana Mainkar.

[2:05] Justin welcomes Keerthana to the podcast.

[2:21] How Keerthana came to work in the risk management industry and how her career has progressed.

[4:04] What comes top of Keerthana’s mind when it comes to best practices?

[4:59] Frameworks that Keerthana recommends.

[6:40] About Justin’s next guest: Paul Wilkins.

[7:28] Justin welcomes Paul to the podcast.

[7:31] Paul gives his insights on how companies in India (and the Greater Asia-Pacific region) can achieve integrative programs. He also highlights some of the main barriers.

[9:24] Paul’s impression of the risk management industry in India.

[10:40] Paul’s predictions on what he sees happening in the next 5 to 10 years in the risk management industry (in India and the Greater Asia-Pacific region).

[11:33] Does Paul think it may take a natural disaster to raise more awareness around risk? Or does he think the awareness is already pretty good around risk?

[13:19] About Justin’s next guest: K.N. ‘Vaidy’ Vaidyanathan.

[13:47] Welcoming K.N. Vaidy to the podcast.

[14:01] K.N. Vaidy talks about Mahindra’s presence and their impact in India.

[15:48] K.N. Vaidy talks about some of the top risks in Mahindra’s endeavor of bringing their presence to the United States.

[19:07] How Mahindra integrated risk frameworks into this endeavor.

[21:54] What makes risk management at Mahindra relevant and effective?

[22:22] If you have any suggestions or comments for the podcast you can email him at! Stay tuned for the second part of this two-part series!


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