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Oct 15, 2019

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


Today’s topic is talent in the risk management profession! This episode will be featuring several guest experts with different insights and perspectives — so you’ll definitely want to tune in for this one!


The first guest is Gail Kiyomura, the Deputy Director of Human Resources and Risk Services for the City of Stockton, CA. She is also a member of the RIMS Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council. The second guest is Gloria Brosius, RIMS 2019 President and the Director of Risk Management and Insurance at Pinnacle Agriculture. She was also on a previous RIMScast episode where she gave her insights on risk management (which is linked below in the show notes). The third and final guest is Kim Waller, a Practice Leader at Willis Towers Watson. Together with Justin, all three guests will be discussing the current state of the talent supply, future outlooks, and the influence of diversity and inclusion programs on organizations of all types.


Also important to note is that Justin will be referencing the RIMS Risk Management Talent 2025 Report. So if you haven’t already, be sure to take a look at it and perhaps read along with it during the episode!


Key Takeaways:

[:13] About today’s episode.

[:28] About some of the fantastic upcoming RIMS events!

[1:10] More details about today’s episode!

[1:30] About today’s first guest, Gail Kiyomura.

[1:48] Justin welcomes Gail to the podcast!

[1:53] Gail speaks about her position on the RIMS Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council.

[2:51] Based on Gail’s experience, does she view the risk management profession (as a whole) as a diverse group of professionals?

[3:58] What are some things that employers or risk managers themselves can do to strengthen their DNI initiatives?

[5:30] While speaking on the topic of diversity at the recent California Workers' Compensation & Risk Conference, what takeaways did Gail reference from the RIMS Risk Management Talent 2025 Report?

[9:24] Gail speaks about what diversity and perspective truly are, how the risk management profession is putting it into practice, and provides some examples.

[15:55] About the next guest, Gloria Brosius.

[16:08] Justin welcomes Gloria to the podcast!

[16:37] What can seasoned professionals, as well as young and upcoming students, do to change the confidence level of the next generation of risk managers?

[17:24] In Gail’s experience, how has the profession transformed or evolved in its approach to inclusiveness?

[18:04] Gail speaks about what she sees as the biggest takeaways from the RIMS Risk Management Talent 2025 Report.

[19:05] About this episode’s final guest, Kim Waller.

[19:13] Justin welcomes Kim to RIMScast!

[19:19] Kim highlights some of the key takeaways that she spoke about at a recent conference as well as some of the findings from the report she conveyed to the audience.

[21:42] Kim speaks about her findings on the number of well-prepared graduates entering the workforce.

[23:00] Does Kim think — given the number of students entering the workforce today — that there’s a chance we’re going to see a shift in who has a risk management background?

[24:55] Kim speaks about her experiences working with risk managers.

[26:06] Where does education play a role for the risk managers of tomorrow?

[28:20] Kim elaborates further on her quote from earlier that “the students of today are coming out with cutting-edge philosophies that their new superiors might not know about just because it’s first coming out of education.”

[32:13] Kim gives some invaluable advice to young risk professionals for presenting their ideas to their new manager or supervisor without seeming too forceful.

[34:58] As a follow-up to the previous question, would Kim say that some of the onus is on the risk manager supervisor themselves?

[36:00] Justin gives thanks to the many guests featured on today’s episode and lets you know about some links to follow-up on after listening to today’s show!


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