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Feb 27, 2024

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


Justin interviews guest Sarah Mikolich, Risk and Insurance Coordinator at the Ontario Clean Water Agency. Sarah tells about her 25-year career path in risk and insurance management, describes the work of Ontaria Clean Water Agency, the partnership OCWA has with First Nations in Ontario, and what her priorities are at OCWA. She discusses the importance of World Water Day and how water brings peace. She shares her experience as a woman in risk and insurance and how the industry has become more gender equal.

Listen in for Sarah’s thoughts about the industry, networking in ORIMS, and her tips for women entering the risk and insurance industry.


Key Takeaways:

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[:38] About today’s EPISODE of RIMScast. We will discuss water and sustainability, with Sarah Mikolich of the Ontario Clean Water Agency.

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[3:31] March is Women’s History Month. March 22nd is World Water Day. Our guest today brings the best of both worlds. She is Sarah Mikolich, the Risk and Insurance Coordinator at the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA).

[3:51] Many of you know Sarah as a long-time and very visible member of ORIMS. We’ll talk about her career, her work in water, and her perspective on how the risk profession is evolving to meet the needs of, and retain, women.

[4:09] Sarah Mikolich, welcome to RIMScast!

[4:49] Sarah started as a broker for a smaller brokerage and then for Aon in their large risk management sector. From there, she worked in risk management at a global medical company, and then at a global engineering firm. She learned what it’s like to put together a global insurance program. Sarah has been involved with ORIMS.

[5:25] Sarah has worked on the Canada Council’s newspaper. She has worked on two conferences in Canada. For the second conference, in Toronto, she helped organize all the speakers and seminars. Over the last 20 years, Sarah has made good friends in the risk industry.

[6:40] Sarah is coming up on three years with OCWA. She looks after the insurance program. OCWA is a Crown agency in Ontario. It reports to the Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks. OCWA operates and maintains over 1,000 water and wastewater facilities in about 170 municipalities, for a population of about 4.5 million.

[7:35] OCWA is one of the biggest operators in Canada. Sarah’s department includes just herself. Her previous positions with the medical and engineering firms were also one-person shows. At OCWA, she reports to Legal, so she has support from her general counsel. She loves the responsibility of her positions, past and present.

[8:49] Sarah’s top priority is clean water. The next priority is the retention of their 600+ certified local water operators. Another high priority is cybersecurity. No cyber threats have bubbled up to Sarah’s department. Everything has been dealt with by the IT department.

[10:11] OCWA has an ERM department of one, not Sarah, but she is tuned into the ERM leader’s work. She has recently been asked to help with some of the board materials and minute-taking so she has learned a lot more about what the ERM program looks like.

[10:35] Because they are highly regulated, they lean conservative. They are fully supported by the Executive Management Team and the Board of Directors. The ERM department has done a top-down risk review and is rolling out a bottom-up look at risk, engaging the employees, and providing some ERM risk training, including for the board.

[11:15] OCWA is not mandated to test for “forever chemicals” or PFAS. The main focus is going to be on infrastructure upgrades. This needs to be addressed by researchers, water industry professionals, and governments at all levels, in the years ahead.

[12:01] OCWA has a partnership with First Nations in Ontario. First Nations face a lot of water risks, including some boil water advisories. OCWA is proud of this partnership, providing project management, capital management, emergency services, asset management, and improving the operation and maintenance of its infrastructure.

[12:48] In 2021, OCWA established a First Nations Advisory Circle to gain a greater understanding of the broader water issues facing First Nations communities. The Circle, which reports through the First Nations Committee of the Board of Directors, are individuals who identify as indigenous from a variety of backgrounds and communities.

[13:16] In 2022, OCWA created a First Nations Regional Hub that focuses exclusively on supporting water and wastewater sustainable operations and maintenance for First Nations communities.

[13:48] OCWA’s biggest client is in Mississauga, where its head office is. Sarah lives there and drinks the Ontario Clean Water Agency’s maintained facility water. She has an appreciation of what goes into clean water. She participates in facility tours and inspections; she has never seen a facility so clean. The facilities are fascinating.

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[17:12] World Water Day is March 22nd, 2024. The theme this year is Water for Peace, which focuses on the critical role that water plays in the stability and prosperity of the world. Henk Ovink, Ambassador to the U.N. for Clean Water, has been on the show twice. Justin has had a lot of guests speaking of clean water.

[17:48] Water can bring peace to the world. We all need clean water. It’s so important. There’s so much that needs to be done around the world to bring clean, fresh water to so many communities. If we all work toward doing that, in our capacity, providing water that’s clean, fresh, and sustainable, will bring peace.

[18:28] Sarah has been in the risk and insurance profession for 25 years. She reflects on how the risk and insurance profession has changed regarding gender equality. She believes it has changed quite a bit. She is meeting female risk managers, left, right, and center. She thinks it’s a wonderful field. She loves working with clients and partners.

[19:13] Being a woman is not as big an issue anymore. You’re a worker on a career path. Sarah has had great managers who have given her ways to grow in her career. Her previous companies are also working to be diverse. She is supported by her peers and her managers. The playing field has gotten more level, in Sarah’s experience.

[20:33] Sarah has mentored a few women. She doesn’t have many opportunities, being a sole specialist in a department of one. Working on the RIMS Canada Conference was a way she could promote her ideas and support other women to promote their careers. Justin emphasizes to listeners to get involved with RIMS to help others in their careers!

[21:54] Sarah’s tips for women entering the risk and insurance profession: “Education is the biggest one for me, learning as much as I could and picking up as many certificates as I could. Definitely, do your CRM, ARM, or the RIMS-CRMP. Network. Try to get a mentor or two. I’ve done a lot of networking at the global and Canadian conferences.”

[22:39] “So, get out there! Go to your chapter meetings. There’s a lot to learn; there are lots of great people out there to learn from. The risk management community is so giving. They’ll drop anything to help you; any question you have! Education and networking would be the biggest points. We all want to see each other do well.”

[23:41] Sarah Mikolich, it’s been a pleasure to have you on RIMScast finally! I wish you a happy World Water Day, 2024 and beyond!

[23:51] Special thanks again to Sarah Mikolich of the Ontario Clean Water Agency and also of ORIMS, for joining us. Links to her bio and work are in this episode’s show notes as well as links to World Water Day and Women’s History Month initiatives.

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About our guest

Sarah Mikolich
Risk & Insurance Coordinator at Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA)
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Tweetables (Edited For Social Media Use):

Ontario Clean Water Agency reports to the Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks. We operate and maintain over 1,000 water and wastewater facilities in about 170 municipalities. One of our biggest clients is that sector. — Sarah Mikolich


No cyber threats have bubbled up to me. We’ve been able to deal with everything internally right now, with our IT department. Nothing’s come through as a threat. — Sarah Mikolich


There’s so much that needs to be done around the world to bring clean, fresh water to so many communities. If we all work toward doing that, in our capacity, water that’s clean, fresh, and sustainable, will bring peace. — Sarah Mikolich


I am meeting female risk managers, left, right, and center. I think it’s a wonderful field to be in. — Sarah Mikolich