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Mar 10, 2020

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


In honor of Women’s History Month, Justin Smulison is bringing you an episode featuring three amazing women Christy Kaufman, the Risk Analytics and Insights Director for American Family Insurance; Deidre Wright, the Owner of Strategic Stories; and Lori Seidenberg, the Global Director of Real Assets Insurance for BlackRock Inc.


These three women will also be hosting a panel titled, “Empowering the Advancement of Women in the Insurance Industry,” at the upcoming RIMS 2020 Annual Conference on Tuesday, May 5th at 3 pm! This panel is part of the Career Development track and will be hosted by the RIMS New York Chapter.


In today’s episode, they will be providing a bit of a preview of the discussion they will be having at RIMS2020 through a roundtable-style discussion about the advancement of women in the risk management profession!


Key Takeaways:

[:01] About the RIMS Benchmark Survey and the RIMS Membership.

[:51] About today’s special episode.

[1:05] Justin reminds listeners that registration is open for RIMS 2020.

[1:20] About today’s featured guests.

[2:00] Justin welcomes the guests on to RIMScast!

[2:08] What were Christy’s experiences as a young or new professional? What biases and challenges did she experience, and how did she overcome them?

[4:14] Lori shares her own experiences as a young professional as well as the biases and challenges she has faced.

[6:34] Deidre provides her own perspective on the challenges and biases she faced as a new/young professional.

[8:04] About Deidre’s mother, Soraya Wright, who also sets a fantastic example for women in the industry.

[8:32] Lori shares her perspective on the important aspects she keeps in mind when she takes on a leadership role within her company.

[10:04] Christy asks Lori whether the perspective that she shared was formed partially because of movements (such as #MeToo) that get a lot of publicity in the media?

[11:10] Christy also shares her perspective on what she keeps in mind when she takes on a leadership role in her company.

[12:01] Does Deidre feel that there’s always going to be an expectation that women have to go above and beyond when they’re taking on a leadership role?

[13:17] At what point, if ever, is Deidre’s perspective solely from that of a risk professional?

[14:07] Lori and Christy give their perspectives on the same question.

[15:20] Justin gives his thanks to all three guests and highlights some of the fantastic links that linked below in the show notes!


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