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Jan 11, 2022

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


In today’s first RIMScast episode of 2022, Justin Smulison is joined by the CEO of Resolver, Will Anderson, to discuss his path to the Boardroom.


Will shares his personal experience with pitching a risk management program to another board, offers helpful presentation tips and strategies that risk professionals can use as they prepare their own pitches, and shares his general experience and insights as a board member for other companies.


If you’re a risk professional on the path to the boardroom, this is a not-to-miss edition of RIMScast.


Key Takeaways:

[:01] Do you want to reach risk professionals around the world? Here’s how to sponsor RIMScast.

[:24] About RIMS’ Global Membership and RIMScast.

[:36] About today’s episode.

[:47] Upcoming RIMS current offerings.

[1:14] About the upcoming two-day virtual event: 2022 RIMS RiskTech Forum.

[1:52] More about today’s episode with Will Anderson.

[2:14] Justin welcomes Will Anderson to RIMScast!

[2:22] Will tells about his risk management background leading up to becoming the CEO of Resolver.

[3:08] About the board that Will sits on.

[3:27] How Will successfully pitched a risk management program to the board he sits on.

[4:59] What Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) is and how it guides risk managers on what they should vs. should not do.

[6:01] Before pitching a successful risk management program, did Will have previous experience pitching to other boards?

[6:38] Was pitching to a board a very formal process?

[7:11] How Will and the audit committee prepare for finding a risk consultancy to work with.

[7:44] Will outlines the next steps asking several consultancies to pitch to them.

[8:19] After helping match the company with a mature risk program, did Will take a backseat as a board member?

[9:19] How Will was able to establish that a risk program was mature.

[10:10] The final results of the risk program that the company went with.

[10:57] Is this process still ongoing? Will they be revisiting the risk program?

[11:45] Would Will say that this was an overall positive and rewarding experience?

[13:09] About the RIMS Mobile App, the RIMS Buyers Guide, and the RIMS 2022 RISKWORLD.

[15:17] Will’s advice to risk professionals who have a good idea/good method and need to pitch to a board.

[16:19] Will’s advice to risk professionals that have the right idea or right direction but struggle with “selling it.”

[17:06] Will shares how he has been seeing more risk professionals/managers who have achieved board-level status.

[17:44] Has Will met any CEOs with a risk background?

[18:20] Will’s advice for risk managers/professionals — particularly rising stars — who are trying to navigate the landscape in 2022 and beyond.

[19:49] Does Will rehearse his pitches beforehand? How does he prepare?

[20:47] Will’s advice for anybody pitching to a board member.

[24:05] Justin thanks Will Anderson for joining RIMScast and shares where to access the full interview, as well as some of the other links to look out for in this episode’s show notes.


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“The purpose of risk is to drive better results. So, SOX is certainly a component of a risk program and they interact. But a mature risk program is really thinking more about the objectives and the strategy of the business, and where you want to take it.” — Will Anderson

“I would say that risk and SOX are somewhat separate, although related, and should be integrated. ” — Will Anderson