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Oct 16, 2018

Welcome to the sixth episode of RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Writer at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society. Justin is pleased to bring you insight from leaders from the international risk management community every week and today’s guest is no exception!

Robert Cartwright Jr. is RIMS 2018 President, as well as Bridgestone’s Division Manager for environmental, health, safety, and sustainability. Robert is highly skilled and knowledgeable in risk management and is a very well-respected mentor and leader in the space.


In this episode, Justin and Robert discuss all things risk management looking back on some of Robert’s achievements over the past year as President, some of his future plans for RIMS and the risk management community, the main values and themes of his Presidency, and his plans for continued involvement after his presidency in 2019.


Key Takeaways:

[:16] About today’s guest and episode.

[:36] About future events and exciting happenings with RIMS.

[1:55] Justin welcomes Robert to the podcast.

[2:01] How Robert got his position at Bridgestone and to what he attributes the longevity of his career there.

[3:22] Robert describes how the values at RIMS were reflective of his own.

[4:15] Robert describes the three main themes (legacy, diversity, and mentorship) during his Presidency and how he feels they interconnect.

[9:00] How many people is Robert currently mentoring?

[9:40] Roberts speaks on the benefits of expanding RIMS presence internationally.

[15:23] What will Robert’s involvement be like in RIMS in 2019 and beyond?

[18:50] Robert’s parting thoughts on his Presidency for this week’s episode.

[22:35] About upcoming RIMS events and additional content you can access online.

[23:26] Email Justin at if you would like to suggest a topic to be covered on the podcast.


Mentioned in this Episode: (You can save $100 off your membership if you use the code: ERM18NEW)

RIMS ERM Conference (Oct. 29-30th) Fairmont Queen Elizabeth’s Hotel (Attend and renew your membership on site!)

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RIMS Risk Forum (Nov 13-14th) in Mumbai, India

RIMS Annual Conference and Exhibition (April 28th-May 1st, 2019) in Boston

OPIS (The RIMS Information Network)

Bridgestone (for the mentor match program)

Risk Management Monitor


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