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Nov 26, 2019

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.

Today’s podcast was produced and recorded live on-site at the RIMS ERM Conference 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana! This episode will be featuring some of the great guests that stopped by to chat with Justin!


Joining Justin first in the episode is Julie Pemberton, RIMS-CRMP, and Director of Risk Audit and Compliance for the Columbus Regional Airport Authority. She is also an ex officio of RIMS, having served as the RIMS President in 2016. At the RIMS ERM Conference 2019, Julie led a session called, “Building an Inclusive Culture.” Together, Julie and Justin further the dialogue by discussing actions you can take in your own organization to foster a culture that is oriented towards building opportunities that leverage employee, client, and partner talent. Next, Justin speaks with Jon Walkup, a Senior Risk Analyst at Westfield Insurance. Jon is incredibly passionate about ERM and has been becoming an increasingly more visible member of RIMS. Justin picks his brain to hear what he had been taking away from the conference! And lastly, Justin speaks about Bill Lyons, the Vice President and Sr. Director of Risk, Safety, and Environment Compliance at Recology Inc. Bill stopped by RIMScast’s recording booth just after accepting the ERM Award of Distinction on behalf of the Recology team! The waste management company was honored for its outstanding integration of ERM with governance and strategy to achieve sustainable, long-term value across the organization.


Tune in and don’t miss this special episode!


Key Takeaways:

[:14] About today’s episode!

[:28] Justin reminds listeners about some upcoming RIMS events!

[:49] About today’s first guest, Julie Pemberton!

[1:23] Justin welcomes Julie to the podcast.

[1:40] Having spoken about the topic of diversity at the conference, what does Julie think are some of the upside risks of diversity vendor hires?

[2:49] How do you quantify the sorts of benefits you get from diversity vendor hires?

[3:20] Is it an easier sell if you use numbers to back the benefits you get from diversity vendor hires?

[4:34] Julie speaks about the Columbus Regional Airport Authority’s five-year strategy and business plan.

[5:45] Julie gives her outlook on the current generation of young professionals and what she thinks they need to do to succeed in the risk management industry.

[8:30] About Justin’s next guest, Jon Walkup!

[8:52] As a big fan of ERM, Jon speaks about his position in the industry and how he uses ERM.

[9:24] Does Jon feel that the conference is addressing what’s happening now in the field of emerging risk?

[10:00] Does Jon find that information sharing is something that happens a lot at RIMS conferences?

[10:38] Jon describes the ERM framework that they have at Westfield Insurance.

[12:14] Does Jon get tidbits of information as well as inspiration when he attends the ERM Conference and then later apply it to his own framework?

[13:17] Are there currently any big emerging risks that have Jon up at night?

[14:11] About today’s final guest, Bill Lyons!

[14:44] Justin welcomes Bill to the podcast and congratulates him and Recology for winning the ERM Award of Distinction.

[14:53] What does it feel like to win the ERM Award of Distinction? And what does this win mean to the Recology team?

[15:14] When did Recology institute their ERM program?

[16:07] Why does Bill believe that the ERM program continues to be so effective?

[17:02] How did Bill get certain employees on board?

[18:00] Approximately how many employees do they have? How big is the program?

[18:18] Bill describes the lifecycle of their ERM program, where they are in it now, and how might it evolve and improve towards the end of the cycle.

[19:44] Bill gives some additional thanks for accepting the award on Recology’s behalf.

[20:13] Is an award like the ERM Award of Distinction a way to demonstrate the value of their work in the industry?

[20:54] Justin gives thanks to the guests who appeared in today’s episode and highlights some links to check out in the show notes!


Mentioned in this Episode:
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