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Jun 13, 2022

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


In this episode, Justin is catching up with RIMS’ longtime leader and outgoing CEO, Mary Roth! Mary Roth has been with RIMS for 37 years, with the last 17 of those years as Chief Executive Officer.


With this episode being released only shortly after her last day at RIMS, Mary shares all about her illustrious career and experiences, what she has learned from the risk profession, as well as her hopes for the practice of risk management and the future of RIMS.


This is an incredibly special episode and a fond farewell. Be sure to tune in to hear Mary’s parting words of wisdom as she settles into her retirement.


Key Takeaways:

[:01] About the RIMS App.

[:20] About RIMScast.

[:35] About today’s episode with Mary Roth.

[:37] Upcoming RIMS webinars and workshops and the RIMS membership.

[1:13] About the RIMS Membership.

[1:20] About the Spencer Educational Foundation’s Dan Kugler Risk Manager on Campus Grant.

[2:02] About the upcoming RIMS Canada Conference in Halifax.

[2:22] About the RIMS ERM Conference 2022.

[3:02] More about today’s episode with Mary Roth!

[3:29] Justin welcomes Mary Roth back to RIMScast.

[4:18] How long has Mary been at RIMS? And which department did she start in?

[4:55] How did she first find out about the available position at RIMS?

[5:35] About Mary’s roles in her following years at RIMS.

[6:37] Was a lot of the networking that Mary did throughout her career face-to-face or on the phone?

[8:07] Did Mary take the ARM?

[8:35] What was the risk profession like in 1986? Was it an exciting time for Mary personally and professionally?

[10:33] How many roles was Mary in before becoming CEO of RIMS?

[12:25] Elements of being a successful person in your career.

[13:02] Mary’s experience and feelings when she first became CEO.

[17:32] RIMS plug time! About the upcoming RIMS Legislative Summit, RIMS workshops, the RIMS Mobile App, and the Spencer Educational Foundation’s Annual Gala.

[19:55] Has Mary always been comfortable with public speaking? What has she done to feel comfortable and become a better speaker? Does she have a backstage ritual or mantra to prepare herself?

[24:10] Mary highlights an accomplishment that she is proud of from her time as CEO at RIMS.

[27:00] Challenges that Mary has overcome on the way to CEO.

[31:27] How many years has Mary been CEO? How does she feel now that she’s at the finish line, passing on the responsibilities to someone else?

[32:48] How does Mary plan on spending her golden years? #MaryRothIsFree

[35:35] What Mary would like to see happen for the risk profession generally and for RIMS as a global society.

[39:35] Mary’s message to the global risk management community.

[40:40] Justin thanks Mary Roth for joining the podcast and shares some of the links to check in today’s show notes.


Mentioned in this Episode:

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RIMS Announces Gary LaBranche as New CEO

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“Part I: Leveraging Data and Analytics for Continuous Risk Management”: 10 am ‒ 2 pm EST

“Managing Worker Compensation, Employer’s Liability and Employment Practices in the U.S.” — June 22‒23rd | 10 am ‒ 5:30 pm EST

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“You learn so much by being engaged with an association within your field of work.” — Mary Roth


“It’s a constantly-evolving profession and role that the risk professional plays within an organization. It’s never the same any two days.” — Mary Roth


“This discipline is so critical to the global economy and to the world operating the way it operates. … It is a true profession and needs to be recognized as that.” — Mary Roth


“The one thing I will say about our [RIMS] members is [that] they are so open and willing to share. No one should be intimidated by trying to network at a RIMS event. … I’ve never met someone at one of our events … that hasn’t been so honored to help others.” — Mary Roth


“I would just like to say: thank you. Thank you for making my time at RIMS enjoyable [and] for helping me to be successful. … So many people that I’ve worked with … have made my career a success.” — Mary Roth