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May 18, 2021

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2021, this episode of RIMScast is featuring interviews with two prominent RIMS members to discuss their unique career experiences in the profession as well as some current key issues.


Today’s first guest, Charles Vu, manages the Enterprise Risk Management and Business Continuity efforts at the State Compensation Insurance Fund in California. He is also the Chapter President for the Orange County Chapter of RIMS. In their conversation, Charles speaks about what inspired him to get into risk management, how he celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and his advice to young Asian-American risk professionals.


Justin also speaks with Deyna Feng, the Director of Captive Programs with Cummins Inc. Before joining Cummins, Deyna was one of the lead loss adjusters with Crawford China for four years, working with domestic and international insurance companies for large and Catastrophic claims. Together, Justin and Deyna speak about her experience as an Asian-American in the risk profession and insurance industry, her views on the increase of anti-Asian sentiment over the last year, and her suggestions on what we can all do to celebrate and promote Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.


Key Takeaways:

[:01] About RIMS’s Global Membership.

[:25] About today’s episode!

[:37] How to access RIMS LIVE 2021 sessions and keynotes online!

[1:11] About upcoming RIMS webinars.

[1:54] About today’s first guest, Charles Vu.

[2:14] Justin welcomes Charles Vu to RIMScast.

[2:23] Charles speaks about the work he is currently doing as the Chapter President of OCRIMS.

[3:14] What inspired Charles to get into risk management.

[6:24] Charles speaks about the people and mentors that have helped to succeed in his career.

[7:22] How the previous President of OCRIMS introduced Charles to RIMS, eventually leading to him becoming the President.

[8:27] How Charles celebrates and promotes Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and what he recommends others do to also promote and celebrate this special month.

[11:47] Charles shares his views on the increase of anti-Asian sentiment over the last year and how it compares to other acts of Asian bias in years past.

[14:34] How long has Charles been a risk practitioner?

[14:59] Charles gives advice to young Asian risk professionals as well as students looking to get into the risk profession.

[16:36] Charles plugs OCRIMS.

[17:17] Justin thanks Charles for joining RIMScast.

[17:27] About upcoming RIMS virtual workshops and Spencer’s Risk Manager on Campus Program.

[18:27] About this episode’s second guest, Deyna Feng.

[18:41] Justin welcomes Deyna Feng to RIMScast.

[18:51] What inspired Deyna to get into risk management, and her career journey as an Asian-American in the field of risk management.

[21:02] Deyna’s mentors and how they’ve helped her succeed.

[24:00] Deyna shares some ways that we can all celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

[26:21] Deyna shares her views on the increase of anti-Asian sentiment over the last year and how it compares to other acts of Asian bias in years past.

[28:01] Deyna shares her experience as an Asian-American in the risk profession and insurance industry, and what she feels can be done to improve the experience.

[29:32] Deyna’s advice to Asian professionals just starting out as well as students looking to get into the risk management industry.

[30:24] Justin thanks Deyna for joining RIMScast.

[30:31] Justin thanks both Charles Vu and Deyna Feng for joining RIMScast and highlights some of the links to check out in this episode’s show notes!


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A lot of people are not aware of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and really, having a simple Zoom background is [one way] to start the conversation.” — Charles Vu


“Another way I’m able to really share about the importance of [Asian Pacific American Heritage Month] is really just talking to others about my own history [and] how I grew up and was raised here and [why] that experience matters.” — Charles Vu


“It’s not just an Asian issue. I would say … it’s really about a diversity and inclusion issue. And I think that’s something that RIMS has already started to address through a lot of the initiatives.” — Charles Vu


“There are lots of ways to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. … Join the community and celebrate with … groups.” — Deyna Feng


“Asian-Americans in risk management and the insurance industry have a smaller population. We do not see Asian faces in … large conference[s] quite often to be frank.” — Deyna Feng


“It is important for young talents to develop their skills. The knowledge of risk management and insurance is fundamental. It requires many soft skills, as well.” — Deyna Feng