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Jun 27, 2023

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


Leaders of RIMS’s flagship publication, Risk Management Magazine, rejoin RIMScast. Morgan O’Rourke is Publications Director at RIMS and the magazine’s editor in chief and Hilary Tuttle is the managing editor.


This interview continues the discussion of the prior episode. This time, the show delves into how RIMS had to activate its active shooter response plan on May 3, the final day of RISKWORLD, due to a nearby shooting in Atlanta, and how Hilary covered RIMS protocols for Risk Management. Also from the pages of Risk Management, Morgan, Hilary, and Justin extend the dialogue about “business interruption values,” and what the editorial staff is seeking in the way of written contributions from risk managers for the magazine.


Key Takeaways:

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[2:24] Justin is rejoined today by Morgan O’Rourke and Hilary Tuttle, who are the journalistic forces behind the award-winning RIMS publication Risk Management Magazine. Morgan is the RIMS publication director and editor-in-chief of the magazine. Hilary is the managing editor of the magazine and ace reporter.

[2:43] We continue the dialog from the previous episode to discuss not only the topics of the day but one of the key articles in the current issue of Risk Management Magazine. Hilary wrote an article titled “Strengthening Your Active Shooter Response Plan.” It covered how RIMS handled active shooter preparedness during RISKWORLD 2023.

[3:06] They were in Atalanta and just two miles away, there was a tragic mass shooting that was also a major disruption for RISKWORLD. We will explore that article a bit and dive into the perspectives from RIMS leadership that Hilary documented so well.

[3:22] Justin welcomes Morgan and Hilary back to RIMScast.

[3:29] Justin asks about the Business Interruption Values article in the current issue of Risk Management Magazine. Hilary explains the meaning. How much are you making per time? What does a business interruption cost you? The values determine what insurance coverage you want to secure, such as for replacement cost.

[4:40] Mogan recommends reviewing and updating your policies for inflation. Talk to your agent to make sure you have appropriate coverage. Reconfigure your policy as needed. You want the right insurance to cover the value of whatever is interrupted.

[4:57] Hilary notes that the claims environment has gotten more difficult. Dealing with hurricanes, for example, do you understand how much each location of your business could be losing? Are you covered for business losses as well as property damage? A lot has changed in your business over the past few years. Do you have new locations?

[5:41] Business patterns have shifted. What does business as usual look like for you? It’s not what it used to be and you might not be insured for what that means today. Justin reads an excerpt from an article by Jason Cables about operational factors and interdependencies within the company. Justin recommends the article.

[6:49] The goal of Risk Management Magazine for the ideal article is not only something that talks about risk but gets to the management of that risk. What you do about the risk is where the risk manager comes in and it is the key differentiator of the magazine.

[7:51] Hilary’s article in the current issue of Risk Management Magazine covers risk management in an active shooter event. RISKWORLD 2023 in Atlanta was getting ready for the closing keynote by NASCAR driver Danica Patrick when there was a shooting a couple of miles away at a medical facility. RISKWORLD 2023 went on lockdown.

[9:56] Hilary comes from a hard news background, so covering this event reminded her of her former work. As she reported it, the event became more vivid. She interviewed RIMS CEO Gary LaBranche and Chief Events and Sales Officer Stuart Ruff-Lyon, and the article grew to cover broader lessons than just how to manage active shooter response.

[11:37] Hilary says there are people in the risk management industry who refuse to talk about the parts of the plan that aren’t perfect. Focusing on how to do better gives people more confidence in you as a brand and it helps others figure out where things might not go right in their plans, and be prepared for that and build better plans.

[12:04] The goal in doing the article was not to glorify RIMS or create a puff piece on how RIMS was amazing but to show what went right and what was challenging and ways to strengthen your plan for the future.

[12:52] Five years ago, Justin was at a Yext two-day technology event when there was a bomb scare nest door that closed the conference. Justin reached out to Yext about covering the event in an article but the company was unwilling to talk about it. He has not heard from them since.

[13:35] Justin believes it’s a missed opportunity for a company not to acknowledge that something went wrong that was beyond their control and where’s what they did to address it and to keep everybody safe. Morgan adds that a threat event can be a case study of how you can do your risk management job better.

[14:20] Shootings are not going away. It behooves us to examine all of the angles that we can. Morgan thinks Hilary did a great job in bringing out some of the more unique elements that you might not get from other resources.

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[16:26] Hilary says it is easier to reflect on a disaster when it is a near miss. RISKWORLD 2023 had enough of a crisis to clarify what did work or didn’t work in their plan. If there had been an incident on-site, it would have been a very different prospect to cover it. Hilary says the attack surface has gotten a lot bigger with more complicated events.

[17:12] Shootings happen everywhere so you have to be prepared in ways that may not have existed previously. Near misses still count. Sadly, shooting is probably the top physical threat that businesses in the United States face today.

[18:10] To make a pitch for Risk Management Magazine, your article must get to what risk management and risk managers can do about the risk, and not advertise your product, obviously, so the entire audience can look broadly at the risk they face. Risk changes at the level of individual companies. Start with the broadest perspective.

[19:39] Hilary recommends that you not submit first-person “we” articles. Look at your experience as a jumping-off point and think about what are the connection points that are relevant to other people and other businesses. There’s not a one-size-fits-all problem. The way an issue impacts your business gets specific.

[20:16] Cut some of the details. Tell us some of the interesting complications that either made it notable and relevant to other organizations or just the parts that are relevant to organizations like yours. Talk like you’re talking to a colleague in a different industry. What are the challenges we have in common and how are we dealing with them?

[20:43] Instead of using the first person, talk about how this is one approach… How would you frame your experience as guidance or a lesson for someone in a different sector or organization? Think about three or five specific takeaways from your experience that would be relevant to somebody else and start there.

[22:26] Morgan says thank you to the readers of Risk Management Magazine, for reading and sharing. He’s always happy to hear your comments and feedback. He’s grateful that someone would open the pages and read an article. Hilary would love to hear what they could do better or have you contribute a piece. They are here for you, so reach out!

[23:30] Justin thanks Morgan O’Rourke and Hilary Tuttle for joining him on RIMScast. They thank Justin for having them.

[23:45] “Special thanks again to Morgan O’Rourke and Hilary Tuttle of Risk Management Magazine for joining me here today.

[23:51] Read Risk Management Magazine at and check out the blog at Justin offers a link for editorial submission guidelines at Check it out and contribute to the magazine.

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“Business patterns have shifted. Do you have an accurate picture of … what business as usual looks like for you? Because it’s not what it used to be and you might not be insured for what that means today.” — Hilary Tuttle


“The reality of shootings is not going away, so it behooves us to examine all of the angles that we can and I think Hilary did a great job in bringing out some of the more unique elements.” — Morgan O’Rourke


“We had enough of a crisis to clarify what worked or didn’t work in our plans but if there had been an incident on-site, I think it probably would have been a very different prospect to cover that. … The attack surface has gotten a lot bigger.” — Hilary Tuttle


“I’d say start with three [specific takeaways] and if it becomes more, then cool. Bonus. As they say, three is the magic number.” — Morgan O’Rourke