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Apr 12, 2022

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


This week, Justin Smulison is joined by RIMS 2022 Risk Manager of the Year, Courtney Davis Curtis! Courtney Davis Curtis has been at the University of Chicago for nearly seven years. Currently serving as the Assistant Vice President for Risk Management and Resilience Planning for UChicago, she manages the enterprise-wide insurance programs; including related insurance procurement claims management, alternative risk financing self-insured programs, and more.


Courtney’s ability to resolve major enterprise-wide challenges, commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, and leadership among professionals in higher education in the past year-plus, earned her the title of RIMS 2022 Risk Manager of the Year. In this episode, Courtney shares how it felt to earn this title, highlights from her career thus far, challenges she has faced, and her advice to other rising risk professionals.


Key Takeaways:

[:01] About the RIMS Membership.

[:15] About RIMScast.

[:27] About today’s episode with Courtney Davis Curtis!

[:35] Upcoming RIMS webinars and workshops.

[2:05] More about today’s episode with Courtney Davis Curtis.

[2:50] Justin welcomes Courtney back to RIMScast!

[3:41] Justin congratulates Courtney on earning the title of RIMS 2022 Risk Manager of the Year.

[4:50] Courtney shares how it feels to be RIMS 2022 Risk Manager of the Year.

[6:00] Courtney shares highlights from her risk role at UChicago since 2020.

[9:15] Risk trends that are unique to higher education.

[12:31] Courtney highlights both the fun and the challenging parts of being the URMIA President.

[14:22] RIMS plug time! About RIMS Buyers Guide, RIMS-Willis Towers Watson Asia Pacific Risk Virtual Conference 2022, and future content.

[15:46] Does Courtney enjoy being the face of another organization on top of her role at UChicago?

[16:32] Does leading a group outside of her regular responsibilities improve the dynamic between Courtney and her colleagues at UChicago?

[19:50] Courtney’s personal philosophy regarding her career.

[21:14] Courtney’s risk philosophy and how it drives her.

[22:25] Courtney’s advice for her fellow rising risk professionals who are striving for success.

[23:44] When Courtney’s URMIA’s presidency ends and what she plans on pursuing next.

[25:23] Justin thanks Courtney Curtis for joining RIMScast once again and shares some additional links to check in today’s show notes!


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“‘How much time do you spend leading [and] managing vs. doing?’ … That was … a big … transition for me. I needed to be really leading and managing more, and doing less, … to make sure we have continuity of operations, … staffed appropriately.” — Courtney Davis Curtis


“I’m not a risk-averse person. I really try to take risks to create opportunities.” — Courtney Davis Curtis


“[My advice to … risk professionals is to] get involved, get involved, get involved. The best way to expand and create opportunities for yourself is to broaden your network. … Get involved in your professional associations, speak, moderate, and volunteer.” — Courtney Davis Curtis