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Oct 25, 2022

Welcome to RIMScast. Your host is Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society.


Only 2 ½ more weeks until the RIMS ERM Conference 2022! In this episode, Justin Smulison is joined by Chicago RIMS President Carnell Jones and return guest (and friend of the show), Nir Kossovsky of Steel City Re!


Carnell and Nir are two of the three speakers who will be delivering the general session titled, “Mitigating the Hazards of ESG-Linked ERM Risk,” at the RIMS ERM Conference on November 11th at 11:30 am. This session will explore the value proposition of how to manage ERM to mitigate ESG-linked reputation risk strategically. It will focus on the cultural aspects of rounding up the collaborators from legal and communications using the transparency of captives as a metric for tracking value creation and more. The session is then capped off with how to engineer the solution.


In this episode, Carnell and Nir share a preview of their general session and have a fascinating discussion about the overall state of ERM and reputation. Be sure to tune in!


Key Takeaways:

[:01] About the RIMS Membership.

[:14] About today’s episode and how to save $400 on the Pre-Conference Workshop for RIMS-CRMP Prep!

[:42] About RIMScast.

[:55] About today’s episode with Nir Kossovsky and Carnell Jones!

[1:18] All about the RIMS ERM Conference 2022 and how to take advantage of the special advance group rate.

[2:00] Upcoming RIMS webinars, workshops, events, and more!

[2:50] More about today’s episode’s guests Nir Kossovsky and Carnell Jones.

[4:05] Justin welcomes Nir and Carnell to RIMScast!

[4:50] Carnell Jones shares his thoughts on how the meaning of organizational “culture” has changed over time.

[6:00] Nir defines organizational culture and his views on how it has changed over time.

[6:35] Do Nir and Carnell feel that a company that can stay out of the news for negative reasons is considered to have a positive reputation?

[8:39] How much of having a positive reputation is crisis communication versus putting controls in place? Or is it all part of the same puzzle?

[9:52] RIMS plug time! All about upcoming awards and nominations, virtual workshops, and more!

[11:33] Is ESG becoming more mainstream a good thing for the risk profession?

[14:26] Nir and Carnell give a preview of their upcoming general session titled, “Mitigating the Hazards of ESG-Linked ERM Risk,” at the 2022 ERM Conference.

[16:15] About the third presenter that will be joining Nir and Carnell for the general session.

[16:29] Carnell shares how 2022 has been for the RIMS Chicago Chapter.

[17:40] Carnell plugs some upcoming events that the RIMS Chicago Chapter has coming up and where to learn more about the Chapter.

[19:10] Justin thanks Nir Kossovsky and Carnell Jones for joining the podcast and shares some of the links to check in today’s show notes!


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“I do believe the conversation [around organizational “culture”] is that much more broad across organizations. They want to have a similar place that they’re starting from.” Carnell Jones


“We define ‘culture’ as the combination of ideas, beliefs, and practices. … The ideas of what constitutes culture … have … transformed … from a view of what is relevant to an organization internally, to a practice … consistent with … its place in society.” — Nir Kossovsky


“An organization that is held in high esteem by its many stakeholders … that runs across an adverse event … in the ESG space … can avoid adverse publicity if its reputation is such that its stakeholders forgive it on the first pass.” Nir Kossovsky


“[Bringing ESG to the mainstream is] a good conversation. [Having] the peer pressure of your competitors using their ESG as a competitive advantage gives companies motivation to strengthen their practices if they already have them or put them in place.” Carnell Jones